Rust Hacks and Tricks for New Players

Rust Hacks

Although multiplayer survival games have become very common, certain games have remained at the top for years. Rust happens to be one of them and is particularly popular due to its balanced mechanics. The game offers a mixture of fun and randomness while also requiring the players to remain competitive.

If you are trying to do well in this game, you must develop your own skills significantly. Rust is a game where you cannot trust anyone, and even your friends may betray you. Thus, you cannot rely on others to help you out. If you are a new player, follow the tips below to win or at least get as many kills as possible.

Rust Hacks and Tricks

1. Craft a wooden spear

Many of the weapons in this game require you to collect them, which makes them relatively difficult to obtain. However, there are a few weapons that you may craft by yourself. The wooden spear is one of these, and it is advisable to forge one as soon as you can after spawning.

Against the opponents that you are likely to face in the early stages of the game, it is quite a decent weapon. One of the reasons why the wooden spear is a good choice for early-game is that it doesn’t cost much and is easy to forge.

2. Craft a hatchet

Cutting down trees with a small ax takes too long. In a competitive survival game like Rust, you must optimize your time management in the best possible way. A hatchet would allow you to cut trees and obtain the wood you need very fast.

Wood happens to be the most important resource and crucial to building settlements, making it logical to forge a hatchet. Moreover, hatchets are also great weapons in terms of effectiveness and versatility.

3. Do not cook at night

In order to survive in Rust, you must feed. This makes cooking a regular and essential activity. However, you must be careful about your cooking time. It is certainly not advisable to cook at night. When you light a fire to cook during the night, the light will act as a beacon, attracting enemies to your location.

Instead, cook only during the day. It would attract less attraction and would not give away your exact location to the enemies. Even if an enemy tries to attack you, you would be able to notice him beforehand.

4. Do not hesitate to use cheats

Like most of the popular multiplayer games, there are plenty of cheats and hacks for Rust. Using these cheats would give you an edge over many players and bring you to par with the other players who use these.

However, you would want to buy your cheats from a reliable source. Ensure that the provider has a good reputation for having their cheats undetected for long periods. You may follow this link to get started with Battlelog’s Rust hacks if you wish to make quick progress in the game.

4. Have multiple settlements

If you are new to this game, building several settlements may sound like a waste of resources. However, this is something that you would not regret. The more settlements you build, the more the number of places where you can fall back if things go wrong.

You can also store your resources in multiple settlements so that you would not lose everything in a single raid. In a brutal game like Rust, chances are very high that you would die at some point. When you do, your settlements will help you re-establish yourself.

5. Target the sweet spots

As mentioned earlier, you need to be as efficient with time as possible. The same is applicable while gathering resources too. It is best to aim at the sweet spots. For instance, while cutting down a tree for wood, a red ‘X’ sign would appear. Striking on this sign would allow you to get much more wood than if you hit elsewhere.

The symbol would move around, which means that you would have to change your target spot too. It varies from one resource to another. Unlike the ‘X’ mark in the case of wood, you would see a shiny gleam while mining ore.


The server you join also would play a major role in shaping your experience. If you are a beginner, choosing a highly populated server would be a poor decision. Those servers are generally full of experienced players who hunt down beginners to take away their resources. Rather, find a server with less than a hundred, or even fifty players.

You visit the community server menu and search for servers using the keywords ‘beginner’, ‘friendly’, ‘PvE’, etc. Playing on such servers would give you time to learn the game. Over time, you will get much better.

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