Top 10 Biggest Shopping Malls in India

largest mall in India

Top 10 Biggest Shopping Malls in India: The concept of shopping malls arrived from western countries in India but went on very popular in a short period. Out of 10 people, 7 persons in India prefer buying things from the mall.

Do you often go to the mall for shopping or fun? The mall is actually one of the best places to hang out with friends and family members on weekends. It all started with small malls in India until some of the biggest malls constructed in India.

This article will highlight the biggest shopping mall in India. Let us have a look at some of the largest malls of India.

  1. R-city Mall, Mumbai

Covering an area of about 657,000 sq. ft. R-City is one of the biggest malls in Asia. It opened in the year 2009 by Runwal Group and began as the favorite place of entertainment for Mumbaikars.

R-City mall includes the shops of every major brand of the globe. Further, it has an art museum, restaurants, multiplexes and game zone for kids.

  1. Lulu Mall, Kochi

The theme of Lulu Mall was founded by an Arab businessman. It is India’s biggest mall spread over an area of 1.7 million sq. ft. Many locals, as well as tourists, visit Lulu mall for shopping, movies, food, and fun.

Lulu mall is one of the best places in Kochi for entertainment including a food court, ice skating, and indoor climbing.

  1. Phoenix Mall, Chennai

Phoenix Malls of Mumbai and Pune are not as big as this one in Chennai. With an area of 10, 00, 000 sq. ft. this shopping mall started in the year 2013. It has the IMAX Theater, 250 retail shops, restaurants, and gaming zone as well.

Additionally, this mall is near to the bus and railway station so that people can conveniently reach here.

  1. Select Citywalk, New Delhi

The next on the list is Select Citywalk, New Delhi. This mall has more than 180 retail shops of famous brands. It is the perfect place where you can enjoy shopping, food, movies, and games. All age groups can enjoy in this mall. Select Citywalk is one of the well-known places in New Delhi.

  1. Elante Mall, Chandigarh

Elante Mall is one of the largest malls in India with an area of more than 1.15 million sq. ft. This sprawling mall has 4 floors with many shops of famous brands. Furthermore, it has a gaming zone for kids, restaurants, and multiplexes. Elante Mall is a beautiful place to visit in Chandigarh.

  1. Z Square Shopping Mall, Kanpur

This mall has 7 floors and an area of about 900, 000 sq. ft. It was developed by ZAZ Group in the year 2010. You can spend a whole day at this mall with tasty food, movie, games, shopping and other things. The parking lot of this mall is simply awesome.

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  1. World Trade Park, Jaipur

If you are in Jaipur and want to have fun with friends at a nice place, visit World Trade Park. The exterior of this mall is unique and it has many modern facilities as well. World Trade Park has restaurants, commercial offices, and health clubs and entertainment spots.

  1. The Great India Place Shopping Mall, Noida

The Great India Place Shopping Mall is India’s largest mall located in Noida. Started in the year 2007 by Appughar group, this shopping mall has an area of 850, 000 lakhs sq. ft. It has 6 screen multiplex, restaurants and retail stores of popular brands of the world.

  1. Fun Republic Mall, Lucknow

The Fun Republic is one of the biggest malls in India started in the year 2007. It has many stores, restaurants, hotel and gaming zone as well. You can enjoy many hours at this mall with friends, family members, and relatives.

  1. Alpha One Shopping Mall, Ahmedabad

Alpha One is one of the largest malls in India with an area of more than 705, 000 sq. ft. It includes fast-food restaurants, retail shops of various brands, 5-star Hotels, and multiplexes. This mall is a beautiful place to hang out with friends.


This is the list of biggest malls in India. They have all the amenities for food lovers, shop alcoholics and youngsters. You should visit the largest mall in India from the above list. Some of the most prominent businessmen and groups led the base of these biggest shopping malls in India. They are still fresh and new in the minds of every India even after many years of opening.

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