Sportswear Outfit Tips to Help You Look Stylish This Christmas Season

Sportswear Outfit

Gone are the days when gym clothes were only worn to the gym. Now, it’s completely acceptable to wear your gym outfit to the shops, to your workplace and even out to dinner and parties. This is made possible with the rise of activewear which is specifically designed for the purpose of transitioning from exercise wear to casual wear. This kind of clothing is flattering, more comfortable and easily fits into someone’s busy lifestyle.

With the festive season well underway, are you wondering how to rock your girls activewear sets? If you want to achieve that dressed-up athleisure look this Christmas season, here are some ways to nail it.

Wear maxi skirts

If you want to rock your crops or sports bra outside of the gym, maxi skirts will be your go-to piece. A three-quarter crop with a high-waisted maxi skirt and pumps will definitely give you a chic and classy look!

Depending on the colours and prints of your crops, you can play with how you’ll style with maxi skirts. If your tops have solid colours, consider a floral or patterned skirt. This will put attention towards your skirt. For a white top, which is the safest colour, it can be paired up with a contrasting tone. You can also throw in a statement necklace, a trendy sling bag or a festive sunnies as extra elements.

Style up with leggings

Not a fan of wearing skirts or dresses to a Christmas party? Or is it too hot for jeans? No problem. Get your leggings and flaunt them with a pair of heels and some gold blings. You’re then in for an extremely elegant look! Generally, leggings are used as womens gym wear.

When wearing leggings outside of the gym, you make sure to pair it with a long top that can cover your butt. Whether it’s a long-sleeved top or a satin button-down, they will surely work well with leggings.

Get a meshy top

This is if you want a sporty 90s vibe to your Christmas party look. With a strapless bra, high-waisted skirt and a statement purse or handbag, you’re in for a sophisticated urban look.

A mesh top is a throwback staple that’s quite versatile. If styled properly, it’s a perfect transitional layer to wear. A sporty mesh works great with track pants and a velour tank top.

Opt for a fashion-forward pair of sneakers

The versatile sneakers can go from being too casual to an edgy appeal. Think of sleek white sneakers or a festive-looking one. When paired with a silky slip dress, you’ll ace that sporty yet feminine look. 

Nowadays, sneakers and athletic shoes are more stylish than before; they are becoming more functional and fashionable. They are no longer reserved for the gym alone. For one, a fresh pair of white kicks looks cool with cuffed blue denim jeans or a sleek maxi. For a casual cool look for any occasion, team up your sneakers with a midi dress.

Cover up with a sports jacket

Have you seen how Olivia Palermo used a sports jacket to add a sporty edge to her girly look? That’s what we mean here. With the weather being temperamental, you can opt for a lightweight sports jacket for throwing over the top when you go to a Christmas party. A silky button-up, a long pencil skirt and simple stilettos with a sports jacket will also help you nail a look. 

The bottomline

When trying to give your workout clothes a fashion-forward spin and use them for such festive occasions like Christmas, the key is to add layers and accessories. 

The right accessories can surely make or break an entire look. If you’re wearing a tracksuit and a pair of sneakers, it’s evident that you’re going to the gym. However, if you put on some statement earrings or a branded bag, now that’s fashion. It’s all in the details. Jewelry, hats, bags or shoes – they can surely elevate your workout clothes, but you need to choose them carefully. Only a few key pieces that compliment your activewear outfit will help you take the spotlight.

Meanwhile, adding layers or non-gym clothes can transform your activewear into a chic outfit. It also adds more dimension to your look. If you are trying to put together some leggings and a long-sleeved shirt, why not try to add a big, warm shawl around your neck? And how about a pair of crew neck sweatshirt with a silky bias-cut skirt? This will surely change the look and make it unique. You can still find many other ways to mix styles and find something you’ll feel comfortable with.

Nevertheless, no matter how much styling you do, you won’t feel great if you are not confident that you will look good in what you’ll wear. The first step to feeling great and looking stylish with gym clothes this Christmas season originates from your mind. Be confident about what you wear and don’t think about what people will think of you. You can surely ace any outfit when you feel good about yourself.

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