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St Petersburg Guide

Russia may not yet be the most popular tourist destination for people, but the beauty and culture it offers to the tourists is unmatched. St. Petersburg is among the most popular tourist destinations in Russia and attracts a sizeable amount of tourists every year from around the world. There are a lot of monuments and museums that you can visit here, along with several churches that indicate the Christian heritage of the people of Russia. 

You can easily find a St Petersburg Guide on the internet to understand the rich history of the former capital of Russia. Finding good accommodation in St. Petersburg is also extremely easy and the online portals will help you to get great deals on hotel bookings. 

You will be able to find the hotel that fits your budget with ease and other types of accommodations like renting villas, hostels and travel hosting is also widely available there and can be easily availed whenever required.

The following are the various spots that you must visit while you are on a trip to St. Petersburg:

Catherine Palace

Built under the guidance of Empress Elizabeth and Empress Catherine between 1744 and 1796, this palace was built for the royal family of the Tsars in Russia. The palace showcases the grand life of the Tsars in Russia and will show the level of architectural expertise that they had. The construction was started by Empress Elizabeth in 1744 and by the time it finished in 1796, Catherine the Great, who was the daughter-in-law of Elizabeth was ruling over the Russian empire.

Peterhof Palace 

This Palace was constructed by Tsar Peter so that he can outshine Versailles. Although he failed to do so, the palace created by his architects was very beautiful. It boasts water gardens with a series of fountains that provided a mesmerizing look to the exterior of the palace. On the interior, it is loaded with great works of art and carved walls that will make you go wow when you witness it. It also has a lush green garden at the front and every year thousands of locals, as well as international tourists, visit here.

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Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

If you want to explore the spirituality and cultural beliefs of the Russian people, nothing can be better than visiting Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. This large cathedral is one of the most iconic in Russia and is a favorite of national as well as international tourists. This is one of the biggest Basilica of orthodox Christians and is considered to be an architectural marvel for the time it was constructed in. Nowadays, it has been converted into a Museum that provides insights into the history of Russian beliefs.

Mariinsky Theater 

The quality of opera and ballet productions in Russia is said to be the finest in the world and this theater is a symbol of that. This is one of the largest opera and Ballet Theaters in the world and showcases great craved and engraved designs in the interior. The interior is mostly based on the ancient design language and showcases beautiful colors and patterns.

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