Startup vs Multinational Company: Which One is Better for Your Career?

Startup vs Multinational Company

The differences between a start-up and a Multinational company are quite prominent. It is not a very tough task to pinpoint the differences and explain where the two workplaces are distinguished from one another. The work culture, dressing style, meetings, seniors, and even team formations are different from each other. Describing simply we can say that working in a multinational company is all about being proper, following rules and a certain work procedure on other hand working in a start-up gives you an opportunity to innovate, find a way in which you are more productive, and have fun at the same time.

Joining a start-up can be the best decision if you are very passionate about what you do and want to try new methods of developing a project. If you like working in a confined way, follow instructions, and a proper model and value brand name more than anything, MNC is the right choice for you.

Let us discuss a few more points where the difference between the MNCs and start-up is clearly understood. And after reading this if you want to switch your job then you can check to relieve letter samples online.

Responsibility of actions

In a start-up, each and every employee is responsible for even small actions. If your actions create value for the company, you will be very much appreciated and valued. Also, if your actions have created a negative impact on the company then also you would be criticised by your colleagues, seniors, and all. Each and every action impacts the company in a great way and hence, in a start-up an employee is very much responsible for his actions.

On the other hand, in an MNC, an employee is not much appreciated for creating small values or not even very much criticised for creating a mess. These problems are dealt with at a very lower level. A new joiner is just expected to complete his tasks within a given time limit. The productivity and contribution to the company’s values are very limited in a big company.

Brand value

When you are working in a start-up, the name of your company might not be known by many people and this might bring your morale down. Your family members, friends, and relatives might also not have heard the name of the company you are working for and sometimes even your job role might not be understood by them. This is generally because of the new concepts that the start-up is trying to evolve and its low brand recognition.

On the other hand, when you are working for a reputed MNC, you are seen upon highly by your relatives, friends, and family. This is also a great boost for your resume as the brand value holds a great weightage. This would help you increase your market value and your experience would be treasured.

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However, today many companies are giving equal importance to the experience gained in start-ups because of the high responsibility factor.

Ultimate learning from the company

In a start-up, you are seeing the company grow with your actions. You are understanding which actions of yours are going in favour and which actions are going against the company. You are getting to gain experience in building a company and learn directly from the innovators. This is a huge experience and helps you create a strong base for yourself. You get to experience your learning in the practical world.

In an MNC, you have not been there since the beginning and as a result of that, you don’t really know what measures are taken by a company for what reasons. You just do what you are told to without any proper information on why that is being done. You are just a small part of the whole big process.

Balancing work-life

In a start-up, one needs to be very active and hard working. Building up a business is not an easy task and one has to devote a hundred percent of his time in office. Working in a start-up might require one to work even on weekends leaving no time for social interactions.

However, working in an MNC means you have some fixed work hours. You would get ample time to socialize and also maintain other areas of your life. You can engage in more activities and enjoy your life.

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