Style your Basic Kurta and Make it Look Stylish this Wedding Season!

Style your Basic Kurta

It might seem like a difficult task to manage to pull off a stylish look for a wedding with just the basic kurtas in your wardrobe. But if you want to rock the basic look there are some tips and tricks that you must know. Here are some styling tips that will surely help you look like a handsome Desi Boy with your basic kurta pajama.

Accessorise The Look:

The accessories options for men are surely limited as compared to women but with the right watches, cufflinks, bracelets, and studded brooches you can completely change the look. Men worry about splurging too much on these accessories and tag them as unnecessary things. But to look a certain part spending a few cents can go a long way. Wearing fancy bracelets and watches with a kurta pajama will not look odd but instead will complete the whole look. You need to balance the shiny elements with some studded cufflinks, brooches, and neckpieces.

Wear the Proper Footwear:

There are only a few types of footwear that can be easily paired up with a kurta pajama look, Right from the traditional Mojjaris or Pathanis to the all time favourites Kolhapuri Chappals. Nothing can go wrong by sticking to traditional footwear with leather, fabric, or even textured leather. To spice up the look in a sophisticated way you can also wear formal footwear like the moccasins or oxford to give it a polished look.

Wearing Nehru Jackets:

Nehru Jackets and Short Coats can be added on top of any kurta pajama that you are planning to wear. The kurta pajama sets come in so many different colours in order to accentuate the wedding look you got to pick the right colours. You can go from brighter to darker shades as per your skin tone but keep the colour-contrasting game on point while choosing the Nehru Jacket. And without holding yourself back experiment with the colours. All you have to do is make sure the colour of your Nehru Jacket and Kurta goes well together.

Get The Right Fabric:

The Indian Subcontinent is blessed with so many different varieties of fabric. The textures, feel, and designs of these fabrics speak of royalty. There are some commonly used fabrics for a kurta pajama set and in our opinion, you should definitely own them all. Right from blended Jacquard, Art Silk, Viscose, and even cotton. They also have different embroideries on them, like the world-famous Chikankari embroideries in different designs.

Try Different Bottom Wear:

Instead of the regular kurta pajama combination, you should try pairing it with your formal trousers or chinos. Formal pants can be a better alternative to amp up your basic Indian look.  For a casual wedding function, you can even wear it with jeans. This kurta and jeans combo is a fun way to mix up the Indian and Western look and can be nailed by anyone and everyone.

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