Are You Doing Job in a Major Organization? Thank Your First-Grade Teacher?

teachers day

What do you think of when you see a red apple, a chalkboard, or when you hear the phrase ‘teacher’s pet?’ You probably think about one of your present or past teachers. You may even have had a crush on one of your teachers! Well, teachers are indeed special. They are so special that a day – teacher’s day – has been designated to them. This article explores this unique day for real superheroes in detail.

What is the teacher’s day?

An article that describes teachers’ day is not complete if it doesn’t discuss the importance of Teachers Day. Teachers do more than teach kids about important subjects like English, math, and science. They interact with them on a daily basis. Kids learn important social skills. Teachers also mold the next generation of leaders in all fields by giving kids the self-confidence and self-esteem they (kids) need to succeed.

Teachers are indeed very important because society would quickly fall apart without them. As you may have guessed this special day is recognized around the world. Teachers Day celebrations are held around the world.

The history of teachers day

Since teachers are as old as civilization is, they have been celebrated since time immemorial on certain days. However, the concept of having a day to celebrate teachers and their important contributions to global society materialized only in the 1800s. Back then, students and their families recognized and celebrated the importance of a particular teacher who taught in their schoolhouse.

However, teachers’ day did not become a formal day or celebration until 1994. Most countries around the world celebrate it on October 5. It recognizes the signing of the UNESCO/ILO. This convention advocated formally recognizing the contribution of teachers to the society by giving them status in society and a formal day of recognition.

How teachers day is formally celebrated around the world

Many nations follow the UNESCO and Education International (EI) organizations’ recommendations. The two organizations ask people to formally recognize the important role teachers play in developing and nurturing society through various events.

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The two organizations organize the events to emphasize the importance of teachers, both in the lives of the students they teach and their families and in society as a whole.

Teachers make the world go round

Since an educated workforce is necessary for prosperity in modern economies, teachers do indeed make the world go round. By educating kids today, they pave the way for any nation’s bright future tomorrow!

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