6 Things to Know Before Choosing the Right Dog for You

Choosing Right Dog

Bringing a dog into your life is a considerable challenge. But how do you launch your hunt for your pup with so many choices available out there? Picking a fur companion would be a lot like picking a best friend. It is a life-long engagement.

When you know which qualities and attributes are consistent with your desires, choosing a specific dog breed in India will become a lot easier. Follow the below-mentioned tips to find the best dog to suit your lifestyle and personality:

1. Create A Checklist And Answer These Questions:

  • Which pet suits my home and my way of living?
  • Do I have the budgetary means to look after a pet?
  • Do I have time to exercise, feed, train, and take care of a pet?
  • Which size pet will suit me?
  • Do I need a low shedding dog or medium to high shedding dogs?

Don’t make a quick decision about having a puppy. This dog is going to be part of your life for years, so do lots of homework before you invest in one.

2. Consider The Surroundings And The Environment That You Live In

There are many things to consider before you pick a dog. Most importantly, remember your daily lifestyle and what changes you’re prepared to make in it for a puppy. Consider your personal needs, particularly if you have children, elderly relatives, or other pets at home. People who are allergic to dogs will want to look at hypoallergenic breeds of dogs or dogs that shed less.

Think of your house as well as your family members. Space is also a concern – if you’ve got a house or an apartment, a vast fenced-in backyard or a small grassy field, a location that’s perfect for walks or needs to drive to a dog park, it can all be a factor in selecting a dog breed or a pet’s size. This site will come in very handy to make up your mind.

3. Examine Your Lifestyle

Do you work in extra shifts or travel often? Do you enjoy playing, or are you more of a homebound person? When you have an active lifestyle, it makes perfect sense to search for an active breed that will be able to keep up with you. If, on the other hand, you are likely to spend your Saturdays with your feet up, an active breed would not be a perfect choice for you. If you’re away from home for long hours and can’t take your dog along, you will need to opt for a breed that can tolerate being left behind for most of the day.

4. The Size and the Breed Of The Dog

You should decide if you would like a little poodle to take around, or whether you have your heart fixed on a breed of large dogs. If you can’t take a call, then a medium-sized dog can be a safe idea to go with for you. Certain tiny dogs are fragile and sensitive. Improperly handling these breeds or stepping on them will cause them significant injury. Massive dogs will need a little bit of room to walk around. Tall, cheerful dogs with lengthy paddle-like tails require “wagging space” to minimize injury to everyday items or tail harm.

If you have identified all the qualities of a dog that are perfect for you, then it’s time to study the types of dog breeds. Once you have boiled down your choices to a pure breed or a mixed breed, it might be useful for you to speak to people who know the breed you choose to go with.

5. Consider the Time and the Budget

Do an accurate calculation of how much money and time you are expecting to spend on a puppy. Bear in mind that the adoption of a puppy is very similar to the adoption of a tiny baby that is still young. You would also need to provide it with good hygiene, regular fitness, and dental services in addition to making it good meals, a bed, and buying toys and related products for it. Some dogs require more of this stuff than the others.

6. The Age of the Dog

Puppies require adequate training and attention. Your dog is going to have a lot of home injuries and would undoubtedly eat your items. Training a puppy is a must. An ideal alternative may be adult or elderly dogs. Thankfully, many adult and elderly dogs have been raised and socialized in their permanent homes; they can transition quickly to their new lives.


Before taking the leap, however, it is necessary to consider compatibility from every perspective, from simple personality characteristics and mutual interests to common activity levels. It is as important to select the correct dog breeds in India for you to pick a pet whose requirements you can fulfil. There are a whole host of choices to take care of before considering making a pet a member of the family.

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