Things To Do on a Staycation

Things To Do on a Staycation

Staycations are becoming popular for people looking to take a holiday without the cost and hassle of going abroad. Taking some time to do what you want in a comfortable environment can be even more rewarding than going somewhere new, and with winter approaching, you’ll be spending more time indoors – so why not do something fun?

Set up a workout routine

One thing you can do when you’re spending more time indoors is to create a workout routine that you can do without leaving the house. If you’re used to working out outside, it can become a hassle to drag yourself out when it’s cold, wet, and windy, so having an indoor routine can help you keep fit while staying dry. Callisthenics is perfect for indoor workouts – simple exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and squats can keep you in shape without needing expensive gym equipment but if you want you can also follow a catchy routine on YouTube.


In our busy world, we often don’t have enough time for self-reflection. Everyone’s constantly on the go, and that “always on” mentality is draining, causing many people to burn out. If you get into the habit of meditating during your staycation, it can help you stay relaxed when you go back to work. Plenty of videos online will walk you through how to meditate and the steps you need to take. There are even dedicated mobile apps, so you can meditate wherever you are in the house!

Practice your cooking skills

Another activity you can do during your staycation is learning how to cook. It’s a great time to start learning if you don’t do much cooking, as you’ll have plenty of time to prep your meals and use equipment that’s familiar to you. Start with basic recipes that you’ve always wanted to learn, then slowly get more advanced as you improve. Learning to cook is a great way to try out new foods you would otherwise not encounter.

Play video games

A favourite pastime of many, a staycation is a great excuse to catch up on all the games you’ve been meaning to play. There are so many games to play these days that it can be hard to keep on top of everything. Not only are video games relaxing, but some slot, like the amatic online slot games, are also very fun to play! However, time seemingly moves a lot faster when you’re playing games, so make sure to set an alarm, so you don’t game the whole day away.

Watch a documentary series

Documentaries are becoming more prevalent in this age of streaming on platfroms like Netflix; no matter your area of interest, there’s likely a documentary on it! It can be very cosy to sit inside with a warm drink watching a documentary on a cold winter evening. Not only are documentaries entertaining, but they’re also educational! They’re a great source of information if you’re looking to expand your knowledge on a certain topic, and they’re much more interesting than reading that information from a book or a web page.


It’s clear that the staycation is here to stay, so if you’re going to do it – you might as well do it right! You can use your time to learn a new skill, create a workout routine, or just kick back playing games; you have the freedom to do what makes you happiest.

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