7 Tips For Ridding Your House Of Rubbish

Ridding Your House

Decluttering is the easiest solution to throw all of the undesirable items. However, some things shouldn’t be discarded in the trash while some things should be reused. Do you want to learn the quickest way to rid of the undesirable items in your trash and potentially reuse them? You can donate, recycle, or upcycle instead of simply throwing it away and you’ll be rid of your junk in a good way for good. 

You can throw away your old junk in many ways without throwing it in the trash where it’s destined to land and ruin the environment. So, what can you do when you have a ton of stuff piling up? Read the following tips from experts on how you can get rid of your old stuff.

When people consider online selling their used items, Craigslist is the first thing that usually comes to mind. However, there are many other options you can consider besides Craigslist. 

Selling your old used items such as branded clothes, accessories and shoes is also easy with ThredUp and Poshmark. Gazelle is also a website that sells unwanted electronic devices online. Other online marketplaces like Letgo and OfferUp can help you get rid of anything you no longer need. 

You might be lucky on Facebook and make some extra cash by taking a good quality photo and adding some description about the item you want to sell. You can think about posting the items you can sell online using different social media platforms, where people that you know might be interested to buy your items. 

  • Throw Away All Garbage 

Those who have rooms crammed with clutter almost certainly have things that can be thrown out immediately without even thinking about it. You might have a bag of chips lying around (this is garbage, of course), or maybe you’ve got some empty shoe boxes you kept, hoping to store something in them later. 

The first thing you need to do is to throw away the trash. There’s absolutely no reason to keep broken things unless they can be fixed and recycled. 

Once all the trash is accumulated, you can take a look at this URL for a more accessible and convenient way of ridding your rubbish. 

  • Donate Your Stuff 

Don’t you hate it when you have these boxes of clothes, shoes, and toys? You keep thinking about donating them through drop boxes but never get around to it. Donating gently used stuff is a great way to help the environment. 

The Salvation Army and Goodwill are some of the national charities that’ll gladly pick up unwanted yet still working appliances and electronics, exercise equipment, and furniture. 

If you want to drop off more oversized items that won’t fit in the dropbox, you can go to the charity’s drop-off center to donate your stuff. You can visit their website or call them to know information about the charity’s drop-off center.

By donating your old stuff such as dryer, washer, sleeper sofa, or lawnmower. This way, you can help your local community and at the same time reduce waste footprint into the environment.

  • Turn Ratty Clothes into Cleaning Supplies 

Donating or selling your old clothes is worthwhile, but some of them may be too damaged or worn out for such a purpose. If so, try converting them into cleaning supplies. Use old clothing to make rags if you’re tired of using paper towels and washcloths and you’ll save money on natural products. 

  • Donate Electronics to Tech Stores 

It’s essential not to throw away specific electronic gadgets because they might contain toxic chemicals such as mercury, lead, and chromium. Get rid of unwanted phones and laptops one way. Consider using electronic recycling services such as Staples to donate your old electronic gadgets. Regardless of brand, condition, or where you bought them, Staples will recycle them for free! 

  • Host A Free Yard Sale 

You can eliminate any things you no longer need quickly and easily if you place them outside with a “free” sign. Even if everything isn’t picked up instantly, it’s a good start. Plus, your stuff will hopefully find a happier home or, at the very least, someone who needs it more than you do. When this activity is nearing an end, then it’s time you can hire a junk removal service for any other things that you need to get rid of when nobody picked or got them. 

Remember that you should have exhausted all efforts to make it work or recycle them before finally deciding to throw them out through the junk removal system.

  • Upcycle Junk 

By getting crafty and repurposing your old stuff, turn it into treasure and make it functional again. An old leather sofa or laptop may look worse but it can still be saved. 

There might be items that aren’t in good condition to serve their intended purpose, yet they can be helpful, useful, and still have their function in your house. 

You can turn that lumpy couch into a pet pillow or bed by covering it with a spare t-shirt. You can also make a fire pit using a rusty tire rim by adding some fire glass and garden stone. 

Start using your imagination and discover endless possibilities that are available for you. 


You have several options for removing old junk from your house and life, but the most suitable one for you is most likely working with a junk removal company. Getting rid of your junk is difficult, so you should hire a professional to do it for you. 

It may be dangerous to remove bulky junk because it is usually extremely heavy. This may lead to serious injury. Getting it removed also means you’ll spend much less time, money, and energy on your own. You can think of different ways to get rid of your house rubbish. It can be through online selling, donation, recycling, or upcycling. Whatever way it is, it’ll be beneficial for your house.

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