Using Games as a Tool for Teaching

video games for learning

There are very many values that graduate school students pick up from the games they play. Currently, the sports industry is a thriving business with a turnover of over $120 billion in recent years. These games are also part of the routines that several armed disciplines use during their training. We can get more statistics and information concerning this topic on US Essays Writers. Many teachers are also successfully using games as a teaching tool in the classroom today.

Some schools resort to using video games for learning while using the development history of the games to pass a lesson. However, it requires the professionals’ input since the local teacher will most likely lack the skill to understand the in and out of a particular game fully. It also needs a lot of time to practice being master some of these games before one gets to derive some lessons from it. Most are suggesting that school hours be extended to give time for these lessons. It could be something like a focus group discussion.

Games were used to educate some kids about some of the worst hitting epidemic outbreaks in the world. In this scenario, there would be a mass infection of the flu once a year. There are no deaths recorded for this, but the students had a chance to see how the outbreak evolved, the measures taken to prevent it, and management measure, which gives the students a learning experience that links them to the real world. Such games become relevant in the long run, or instance, that current Covid-19 pandemic.

The external application to these games is the crucial driving factor with students exploring the history of the field and the prospects of the entire industry as far as education and business and concerned. Gaming is becoming interdisciplinary, with it having roots in almost all the sectors. It has deeply traversed into society’s fabric with significant influence in military training, business training, higher education, and healthcare. Most of these institutions integrate the game via simulation and gamification as they strive to reach their learning or training goals.

Studies also reveal that it is not only playing effective games but also developing these games has some tremendous learning capabilities. It encompasses all types of games ranging from board games to video games.

A popular and engaging way to create a game is to remix the existing ones to achieve the desired goal. The student will gain some design experience that will enable them to gather some insights from the perspective of making a remixed game after playing the original one. The exercise also assists in humanizing the entire learning process.

When we think of board games, they often serve an educational goal aside from entertainment. Most of them are about solving a puzzle or having to think and consider several factors to get the right solution critically. One needs some mathematical skills to crack some of these games, while others heavily depend on logic.

Thanks to the entertainment bit, most students will gladly sign up for courses and classes that involve video games and, in the long run, end up taking an interest in the entire process.

In conclusion, using games is a very bright idea and very relevant in the ed-tech field. The mix of education and gaming is a sure way to capture most learners’ attention, keep them engaged, and pass essential concepts and lessons to them. With the world heading to a more technical and advanced technology, there is a need for more tech-competent and critical thinkers that will be able to integrate the technology into our daily lives. It is a great potential that I worth exploiting. We need to start inspiring the younger generation to take up this initiative and make the best out of it.

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