Various Types of Weddings

Types of Weddings

It is said that a wedding is an institution while at the same time it is said that it is a social contract between individuals and families. So is it an institution or a social contract? Nothing can be said conclusively as the answer to this question. Choosing the right wedding ring is a hard task as people tend to fall in love with almost every model. Still, a wedding is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This experience is celebrated in multiple ways depending on numerous factors such as religion, culture, and region. There is a lot of variation, but a general outline for the types of weddings can be laid down.

1. Traditional wedding:

It is a very formal occasion that takes place in three phases. It begins with the engagement whereby the bride and the groom start their marriage by exchanging wedding rings. The engagement is followed by the wedding, where religious customs are observed. The last stage is the formalization of relations between the families of the bride and the groom. Finally, the wedding is concluded with a reception dinner. In each phase, the bride and the groom are dressed in a gown and a tuxedo, respectively, surrounded by guests.

2. Vintage wedding:

It is said to be a generally formal occasion like traditional weddings. However, it depends on the individuals and families involved, whether they want to keep it formal or not. This type of wedding is characterized by cocktail parties, vintage cars, and dressing styles of the bygone era chosen, including ‘20s, ‘40s or even the Victorian era.

3. Romantic vineyard:

The romantic vineyard is unlike traditional weddings and vintage weddings. Romantic vineyard weddings can also take place in informal locations such as natural settings. The focus of this wedding is generally on food, wine, and local produce.

4. On the beach wedding:

On the beach wedding is more of an informal occasion where the wedding takes place on the beach, and the guests are not required to get dressed in a formal dress. Moreover, the guests are at liberty to wear what they please and the bride and groom, unlike in traditional weddings, vintage weddings, and romantic vineyards, wear beach dresses for the wedding. It is then concluded with a sit-down reception dinner or a cocktail party at a nearby venue.

5. Industrial weddings:

Industrial weddings can be sit-down and stand-up cocktail affairs, depending on the venue and the couple’s preference. Moreover, an industrial wedding may be traditional in informalities by the bridal party but is set in a non-traditional context.

6. Country weddings:

Country weddings are usually sit-down occasions and may require a smart-casual to formal dress code. Bridal parties can include many members or few, and many traditional formalities may or may not be included, depending on the couple’s preference.

7. Fantasy weddings:

Fantasy-themed weddings are undoubtedly the ultimate in wedding themes and can be as creative and elaborate as the couple wishes. Fantasy themes might be part of steampunk sci-fi. A fantasy-themed wedding generally involves related decorations, costumes, and a suitable venue that suits the theme.

The beautiful wedding ceremony experience with a wedding ring, guests, happiness, and laughter occurs in the types mentioned above. Whatever the setting might be, this beautiful reunion is an occasion no one will ever forget.

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