80’s Video Games That Will Remind You of Childhood

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For many adult gamers, the 80’s was the era that started their video game obsession. There is no denying that many of today’s games were heavily inspired by countless vintage systems. So much so that a lot of the characters from these titles are now icons recognized all over the globe. Some of these titles have even resulted in various versions and adaptations that gamers can still enjoy on the consoles that are available today.

Not to say that it has become impossible to play these childhood favorites in all their authentic glory. Well, maybe not 100% authentic since some cartridges and consoles are no longer being produced. Lucky are those who have their hands on pristine systems but for the rest of us, there’s always the Gamulator. Here are some of the best titles that will take you back to the 80’s.


Initially released as an arcade game, this undeniably famous not to mention the influential game was first introduced to gamers in the 80’s. From the developers of Namco, this widely popular game remains to be one of the most played games on just about every imaginable device. What makes Pac-Man so appealing aside from the punch of colors that offset the dark background is how easy it is to pick up the gameplay. Anyone can learn in a matter of seconds thus making it fascinating to a larger audience. Be warned, the game is addictive and gets difficult as each level progresses. If you want to experience some 80’s nostalgia, download and play the original version.

Prince of Persia

Many of the younger set of gamers today may recognize this title from a movie but for the “older” group, Prince of Persia was a 2D game, they rushed home from school to play. The franchise allows players to fill the shoes of this popular prince as he makes his way through a series of deadly catacombs and dark dungeons. Even in its earlier format, the graphics managed to capture smooth animation, all thanks to the motion capture techniques utilized by its creators. Those who have missed out on playing the original version can hop onto a Gamulator to experience this retro classic.

Super Mario Brothers 3

Over the years, these brothers have dominated various gaming platforms and have spawned numerous versions, spinoffs, and new characters. This solid contender influenced many gaming trends — changing worlds, hidden passageways, multiple levels, and power-ups. The original was released in the mid-eighties, the game features two plumbers, brothers Mario and Luigi. The brothers investigate New York sewers after strange creatures have been spotted there.

Game mechanics are simple and straightforward, defeat enemies on each level through a series of dashes and jumping movements. Compared to the OG game, Super Mario Brothers 3 which was released in ’89 had a more evolved format with dynamic worlds, mini-games, and numerous power-up options. This NES format game went on to sell over 18 million copies before making its way to the SNES platform.

Donkey Kong

When it comes to the single screen platform genre, the first thing on people’s minds is Donkey Kong. This groundbreaker is what helped the Japanese brand Nintendo penetrates the US market. One of the most played games of the decade, it is no wonder that this barrel throwing eponymous ape became a cultural icon.

Like many games from its time, the objective is simple, that is to leap over moving obstacles while making your way up to the other platforms via a series of ladders. Once you make your way to the top, you must then rescue the princess from the evil Kong. Legendary game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto’s initial offering is definitely a true part of the gaming history. And ICYMI, you play as Jumpman — later to be renamed as our favorite, Mario.

The Legend of Zelda

Considerably one of the best video games of all time, this legendary franchise offered gamers with an interesting mix of components such as an engaging storyline and challenging elements in the gameplay. Undoubtedly primitive compared to today’s standards, the Legend of Zelda wasn’t designed primarily with sensory experience in mind. Rather, its success can be attributed to its rich narrative, fun adventuring, and amazing characters. Like Mario Brothers, the Zelda franchise counts multiple spawns under its wing. It even has a cartoon series that helped further cement Nintendo as the home of the best RPGs in history. Gamers looking to relive their childhood can play the old school version on a Gamulator. FYI, players take on the role of Link who ventures to save Princess Zelda.

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