The Binge Watcher: 5 Ways to Watch Movies on your Mobile Phone

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Most of us right now are staying at home due to quarantines. To cure us of boredom, a lot of us have been through our movie collections. Sometimes, watching awesome flicks like MCU movies can be tiresome when you’ve watched it for a million times already. So how do you cure boredom when watching movies? You watch new ones. It’s as simple as that. However, where do you get to see new movies online?

There are lots of sites that offer free movies; however, only a handful provide quality service. In fact, some of these websites can even contain harmful stuff like malware and viruses that can seriously harm your phone. To help you with that, we’ve compiled five simple ways to watch movies while using your phone.


One of the best ways to download movies and watch them on your phone is through torrenting. If streaming isn’t your go-to choice for watching movies, then you can definitely try torrenting.

You can start by downloading a torrenting app, such as uTorrent. Afterward, sites like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, and YIFY/YTS can provide you with a magnet link or a torrent file to start your movie downloads. Depending on the health of the files and the number of seeders, you’ll quickly get to watch and own copies of your favorite movies on your phone.


The world’s biggest free streaming service actually offers movies for its users. Believe it or not, YouTube has a wide selection of awesome flicks such as A Quiet Place, World War Z, and Frozen. They also have timeless classics such as The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, The King and I, and The Sound of Music.

However, there is a catch. To watch these awesome movies, you either have to buy or rent them. The prices aren’t too high, though. You could easily buy a movie for under $10. Renting, on the other hand, is much cheaper at $3. With that said, you can be sure of the quality of movies you’re buying. It’s also guilt-free and safe.


One of the more popular streaming sites today is Netflix. Although the selection is limited, there’s no shortage of quality stuff to watch here. From movies to TV series, Netflix has it. Another surprising thing is that Netflix also has its own originals. The Marriage Story, The Irishman, and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie are just some of its best flicks.

Although you have to pay a subscription to enjoy this popular streaming site, it’s incredibly worth it. By subscribing, you actually get a choice of how many people can watch. There are also tons of ways you can save up on your subscription. For one, you can split the bill with friends to watch your favorite movies or series. After all, watching together, albeit on different screens, is more fun.


Hulu is another streaming platform, just like Netflix. It also has tons of excellent originals and series such as The Boys, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bob’s Burgers, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Although Netflix is the frontrunner when it comes to streaming, the content available on Hulu is just too good to ignore.

Other Sites

Aside from YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu, there are lots of sites online that stream movies. Again, some of these sites have payment options. Don’t worry, though; we’re here for the good stuff. Some sites stream for free. Best of all, these sites carry an impressive library of rare movies.

Sites like KissAsian have awesome Asian movies that are worth looking at. Movies like Miracle in Cell No. 7, Old Boy, and even the critically acclaimed Parasite are available to watch. Finding sites like these are hard, but when you finally get to find one, you won’t regret it.

Since it’s free, you might have to complete a few captchas or watch a short ad to continue. In our opinion, what’s typing a few letters or watching a 15-second ad compared to watching a quality movie?


Bored and sick of your old movies? The methods mentioned above are just a few ways to watch your favorite movies on your mobile phone. With just a few clicks, taps, or swipes, you’ll get to enjoy tons of awesome films and even TV series at that.

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