What are the Oldest Language on Earth?

oldest language in the world

Oldest language in the world: The question which strikes a human mind is, as of now this is it, what would have been the first? The first person to use a telephone, the first person to use a wireless, the first person to do this first person to do that. Among all the questions, one question that comes to the human brain, asking what was the world’s oldest language. There have been numerous speculations to this question. In the olden day’s people spoke numerous languages. Let’s us talk about the most probable oldest language in the world.

It appears that scholars are still not in a position to answer the question of the oldest language in the world. As a result, it is even a tough call on accepting whatever the answer comes to someone. So which language is still on the planet surviving right from old age till the present? However, to understand the concept and the question better of the oldest living language in the world come, let us take a look for a better overview.

Let us begin with the list of the oldest language in the world.


The first language which falls in the line is Sanskrit. The language Sanskrit is considered as one of the ancient world old language. Looking at the calendar, it is seen that it is backlogged to 2000 B.C. This is acknowledged as it was earliest found in written sculpture. On the contrary, a handful of people are speaking the language Sanskrit. It was a language with a stupendous influence on the few western languages. Sanskrit is a part of the western Indo-European lingual base. It is seen as the language, which is the oldest language in the world.


The premature uncovered scribbled instances of Tamil backlogs to almost 300 BC. Although based on the various evidence, the linguistic professionals have a firm belief that it initially unearthed somewhere around 2500 B.C. Apart from this, it is a fact that the masses less know it. At present the language Tamil is the oldest language in India. Talking about the facts and figures, about 78 million people do speak Tamil, which makes it one of the largest but ancient spoken languages in the world.


Included as one of the age-old languages as the artefact found in Arabic languages are quite vast in numbers. The premature instances of Arabic written backlog itself to 512 C.E. On the contrary, about 290 million people use the said language as the first language. It is majorly seen as a language extensively spoken on the Gulf countries such as

  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Israel
  • Egypt
  • Kuwait
  • Syria
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Lebanon etc.


Better known and acknowledged as the first language in the world which was extensively considered by scholars and philosophers. Talking in numbers, around 13 million people have the language in their tongues. However, it is a tough language, to be honest. The chronicle states that the language originates from 1500 B.C. It is seen as a formal language by the union of Europe.


The majority of the people have a firm belief of Hebrew being the 1st language spoken on planet earth. It has a history of about 5000 years. Considered premature instance can be traced back to 1000 B.C only. It is a thriving example as being spoken right from 200 C.E to 400 C.E. As also being extracted as a living language after the birth of Israel state right after the Second World War. On the contemporary basis, all about 9 million people speak Hebrew on the entire global scale.


The most extensively spoken language and considered the world’s oldest language. With the largest number of people speaking the language accounts to be around 1.2 billion. The inscribed origins can be traced right back from the 1250 B.C. It seems that it took the first breath on the age-old dynasty of late Shang the great. Besides Tamil, Chinese is the first language in the world as far as what the expert’s state.


The above seen is just a glimpse of which languages in the world is the oldest and lives still in the modern world. According to the speculations, there is a whole lot to know more about the subject. It can be seen in the above context as these languages backdate to almost 5000 years. Hence making them the age-old languages which originate back from ancient times to the modern era.

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