What is a Web Scraping and What is Used For?

Web Scraping

Most websites on the internet contain tons of invaluable data. This includes prices, product information, contacts, etc. If accessed, this data can help your business, especially if you are direct competitors. However, extracting this data is a challenge since it is huge, and copying and pasting it won’t be viable.

Now, here is where web scraping can help you get the desired results. It offers an innovative way of accessing structured web data in an automated fashion. This article looks into everything you need to know about web scraping and how you can use it.

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Defining Web Scraping

Web scraping is an automatic method of extracting data from a website in large amounts. There are various ways to scrap websites, such as using particular APIs, online services, or creating code from scratch. The method you use depends on if the website lets users access extensive data in a structured format.

There are two stages of scraping a website. An AI crawler first scans the site to check for the exact data you want to access.  The next phase involves the extraction of the data discovered in the earlier stage by a web scraper. These two stages link to make insightful data available to users within a short time.

How to Use Web Scrapers

There are different ways to use web scrapers in today’s competitive business environment. Web scrapers can help improve your business and be competitive.

Here are some applications of web scraping; 

  • Price Intelligence

One of the most significant applications of web scrapers is in setting product prices. Startups need to price products at market prices to sell and make a profit. But then, finding pricing details from established businesses can be a challenge because it is sometimes not freely available.

Web scrapers come in handy when businesses cannot access pricing details from their competitors. As a business owner, you can deploy a web scraper to check pricing details from your competitors’ websites. It is this insightful data that shapes your pricing decision as a startup owner.

  • Market Research

It is also vital for new industry entrants to research their target markets. They need to know their competitors and their unique selling points. Businesses can only do this with market research which is a challenge because most companies hide their data from their competitors.

Web scraping is all you need to research about your competitors. Investing in a web scraping proxy can help you avoid bans and geo-restrictions common on websites today. You can also set up the query frequency and make searches appear random if you use a web scraping proxy.

  • Business Automation

Web scraping also makes automation easy for businesses. For instance, it can be tricky to transfer large files from a website to another with manual processes. The best thing you can do is automate the process to make it less overwhelming and fast so that you focus on other important tasks.

A web scraping proxy makes it easy for you to navigate the complicated internal systems of websites. You can deploy a web scraper on the target website and set it up to copy specific information for you, and transfer it to the other website. 

With a proxy, you do not need to have knowledge about how the backend structures of websites work. It will gather all the details you need with little input from you. 

  • Building Data-Driven Products

The needs and preferences of customers keep changing every day. But then, most businesses do not improve their products to meet the needs of their target market. Understanding your target audience’s needs and tailoring your products to satisfy these needs is one of the best ways to boost your brand.

Businesses can use web scraping to understand the kind of products their target audience wants. Web scrapers can collect reviews from different websites and social platforms. Companies can then use these insights to design products that meet their average customer’s needs.

  • Brand Monitoring

Businesses need to monitor how they are performing in the market. In today’s highly competitive business world, your competitors may leave you behind if you do not monitor your brand. Without brand monitoring, you will also not know any improvements that you need to make to maintain a good reputation in the industry.

Web scraping is one of the most accessible techniques to use for brand monitoring. You can use it to check for mentions of your brand on websites and social networks. This will help you determine the perception that people have about your brand. You can then take action to improve this perception, meet customer needs, and stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Email Marketing

Business owners can also use web scraping for email marketing. There are several ways to create an email list for a business. You can use contact forms on your website and incentives to have people submit their emails. But then, it can take a lot of time to put together a substantial email database. For the email database, you can check the online email scraper & email address finder site Klean Leads.

Thankfully, web scraping can make the process easy and fast. You can use a web scraper to check different websites for prospects’ emails and add them to your emailing list. Web scraping can help you gather thousands of emails within a short time. This will make launching your email campaign easier.

  • News & Content Monitoring

Keeping up with the latest in your industry is essential. For a business, the latest news and content helps in decision-making and makes critical industry projections. However, there are tons of sources of information, making it difficult to check them one by one and filter the most important news.

Web scraping is one of the best solutions for news and content monitoring. You can configure a web scraper to look for news relating to your business and industry. It will then scan several websites and gather all the stories that matter to you within a short time, making it an excellent option for businesses.

  • SEO Auditing

SEO audits help businesses determine how well their web presence relates to the best practices. It helps a business find any issues that could be affecting its performance on the web. This makes it easy to correct errors and recover lost web traffic in time.

One of the best ways to do an SEO audit is by using a web scraping tool. Web scrapers help you check competitor websites and analyze their content’s SEO strength. This makes it easy to know your competitors’ strengths and improve them in your strategy. 

Thus, a web scraper can be invaluable for a business that wants to increase its web presence by appearing on the first page of search engine results.


Web scraping is an invaluable technique for businesses today. It makes it easy to gather large data files within a short period and use it for decision-making. It enables market research, brand monitoring, email marketing, product design, news monitoring, automation, etc. which are all vital for businesses.

Businesses looking to thrive in today’s competitive environments need to be innovative. One way to simplify processes and boost business is by implementing techniques such as web scraping. As a business owner, you need to start using this futuristic solution that is essential for business growth.

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