What is Digital Marketing? A Step-by-Step Guide

digital marketing

Digital Marketing is the marketing technique that came out to be a revolution in the marketing industry throughout the globe. It has changed the complete process of marketing of any and every product manufactured today.

What is Digital Marketing?

Basic Digital marketing meaning is “the marketing of a product using an electronic device”. If we need to elaborate, we can adapt the definition of Wikipedia which says “Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly internet, but also using mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium”. This definition is not enough to explain what is digital marketing? It is a concept deep like a sea, and at the same time, it is just a spoon full of water. It depends on you are aware of the things to learn in digital marketing or not?

From afar sight or a bird’s eye’s view, It is a process of promoting, selling, spreading any product or service, but we move a little closer, we will find that this little technique is 21st century’s master plan of the business. What are the fundamental demands of any business? A seller, consumer, and the product itself. This is the basic triangular cycle of the company. We can manufacture the product, but how to grab the sellers and customers? This is a fundamental problem for startups. Here, It plays a vital role because in this century, a mobile phone is something that everyone has and that device can help to grow the business. How? The answer can be found when we study the types of digital marketing.

What are the types of Digital Marketing?

All the different ways through which we do marketing using an electronic device can be brought into this list, but we are going to learn the most important of them.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO): –

When you search for anything on the internet, you use a search engine. Now how does a search engine decide what to show and what not? Which website on top and which one on the next page? Well, it depends on the keywords you used, your location, and your browsing history. If you use proper keywords on and off the pages of your website, it will be ranked upper on the site. This is one of the only unpaid modes of digital marketing where all you need is skills.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM): –

This is another method of highlighting your product or website using the search engine. Here, we pay some amount to the search engine, and whenever specific keywords are searched; your website will be ranked at the top. This time you don’t need any skills to make your page useful. All you need is to pay the search engine.

Social Media Marketing(SMM): –

This process uses a social media platform to promote or sell your product or services. The significant population of the world is not there on social media, especially the youth. So it is considered to be a great mode of promoting the product.

According to the leading digital marketing agency, Brew Interactive, SMM is one of the most dynamic areas of digital marketing. The radical and evolutionary nature of SMM means that your agency should always be up-to-date with the latest best practices. What works for one brand might not work for the other one. This is where a good SMM agency can act in the best interests of the brand. 

Content Marketing: –

This method uses good quality content about your product delivered to the customer. It can easily be achieved with platforms like tweeter or YouTube or some other platforms.

Affiliate Marketing: –

Affiliate marketing is a kind of digital salesman. Here, some other websites or platforms will promote your product and help you sell them, and in return, you need to give them some commission over every sale they make.

Influencer marketing: –

This kind of Digital marketing refers to the use of some people who has a great reach over the audience and then get your product promoted by them. They will be acting as our ambassadors on the digital platform.

Email Marketing: –

As the name suggests, we are going to use emails as a method to spread and promote our product. This was the very initial way of Digital marketing, where this revolution started.

Viral Marketing: –

This is one of the most effective and most exciting kinds of digital marketing. Here, we make a post that has something very trendy and entertaining that will catch the eyes and will be widely spread. This technique brings some enormous increases in website traffic.

Digital marketing is a very crucial and effective marketing technique of this time, but what is the future of Digital Marketing? The world is in the grip of technology, and there is no way we can see that we will ever have a life without any electronic device in the future. In this world at such a fast pace, we need something equally fast. So digital marketing seems immortal at least for this century and maybe for the rest to come. You can add insights to your digital marketing performance data to increase your ROI. The wicked reports attribution software helps you to move your ad spend optimization to reality-based decision making using real ad spend, conversions, and customer lifetime value. 

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