What is Lucid Dreaming & How to Lucid Dream?

how to lucid dream

Well, we all dream while sleeping!! Sometimes we see good dreams, sometimes we woke up after dreaming a bizarre dream. But have you ever thought of controlling your own Dreams? Managing your own dreams and deciding what you want to DREAM? Have you ever thought of being aware while you are dreaming?

Lucid dreaming can guarantee you all these. You can control your dream accordingly and you can realize that you are dreaming in a dream and it is not the reality, it’s just a dream and then you can create the content of your own dreams and explore your fantasies.

What is Lucid dreaming?

Generally, when we dream we are not aware of the fact that our dream is not reality. We are not conscious enough to think and decide about the dream and reality. It’s only when we woke up, we realize that it was a dream. However, many people experience that they were aware that they are in a dream while they were dreaming.  You might have also experienced that sometime in the past. Some people were also able to control some parts of the dream This is called lucid dreaming.

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According to the experts, Lucid dreaming is defined “like a dream during which dreamers, while dreaming, are aware they are dreaming,”. Movies like Inception popularized these concepts of dreaming.

Are you curious enough to become a lucid dreamer after reading all this? So let’s talk about how to lucid dream?

There are many methods but we are going to discuss a very simple method to lucid dream- WILD (wake-induced lucid dream).

There are four steps that you have to follow-

1- Go to the bed and lay down in a relaxed, stabilized position, keeping your eyes closed.

You can do this when you normally go to sleep or after getting up after 5-6 hours of sleep.
You simply have to relax. This step is very simple but very important.

2- Once you are relaxed, observe the darkness behind your eyes. Anything that appears before your eyes, try to follow it. Just stay calm and observe everything, letting your mind wander about.

3) Build your dream.
Once you reach that state, start building your dream in your way.
Start visualizing things. Visualize even the smallest details of your visuals to increase your visual awareness.

4- Reaching the state where your body is asleep, but your mind is still awake! You have to enter into an aware dreaming state from a waking state. This is the final stage of Lucid dreaming.

Once you follow the above-mentioned steps correctly, you can achieve this state and will start Lucid dreaming.


  1. Start meditation as it can give high success results.
  2. While in a dream, keep telling yourself, “I am in a Dream” or you can do a reality check by closing your nose and mouth and try to breathe. This will keep you awake in your dream.
  3. Read journals about lucid dreaming. Experiment, explore and be efficient while following procedures.

This was all about becoming a LUCID DREAMER. Isn’t it interesting? Give it a try.

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