Why is the Queen important in Carrom?

Why is the Queen important in Carrom

Board games add zest to the lives of players. It is a passion that aficionados follow and meet to play a game or two with pals and peers. One of the most popular board games is Carrom. Its origin dates back to India, where maharajas used to play with their families and friends. Carrom has received immense popularity over the years and has an international committee that sets the rules.

Enthusiasts can also play Carrom online on mobile applications. These applications let Carrom players invite their peers and also play with strangers online. First, let us talk about the different types of coins used to play this game and determine the importance of a queen (red coin) on the board.

Coin rules of Carrom

Now that this game has been introduced online, players can download and play Carrom online. The rules generally remain the same. This game can be played by 2 or 4 players at a time. When there are four players, two players sitting opposite each other make the team and compete with the other two.

A player will use his striker to aim and hit the stack from the baseline. He can also use the red circular spot at the ends of a baseline. The breaker will put the white coins in the pockets, whereas the opponent will focus on the black ones. The red coin, the most important coin of the stack, needs to be covered and anyone can attempt to put it in a pocket.

Covering a queen means a player will attempt to put a white or black coin according to the game pattern after putting the queen in a pocket. As per the latest rules, a player can attempt putting and covering the queen right from the beginning of the game. The player who puts all the coins first wins. He will have to attempt the red coin or queen and must have a coin left on the board for covering.

Understand the values of the Carrom coins set by the mobile game interface and start playing with your friends. Prepare your strategy to use the point of the red coin assigned and escalate your score. The highest scorer wins at the end of all the rounds.

Importance of the Queen (red coin) in Carrom

The Queen or the red coin possesses the highest point. It can be a deciding factor in every game. Learn the rules of Carrom and discover the importance of this coin first.

To escalate your score, you will have to attempt to put the queen and give cover. This coin has very high significance in every board you play with your opponents. Let us check these important points related to the queen of Carrom.

  • Adding more points

 As per the common Carrom rules, the red coin has 50 points, whereas all the other coins have 10 points each. Imagine how much the red coin can boost your score when you win. Covering the queen will deliver additional 50 points to the score. It means you can create a huge difference between your score and the opponents.

This is the reason why Carrom players often attempt to put the queen in a pocket and cover it right from the beginning of around. If this coin is in an advantageous position, you must take the shot to earn a lump sum amount of game points. In fact, if the opponent has it in a very tempting spot to attempt, you need to focus on using your shots accordingly to disrupt the setup.

  • Taking advantage of scores to pressurize opponents

Acquiring the red queen in the first phase of the game will pressurize the opponents excellently. An opponent will have to think twice before making any shot as he is under the constant stress of making mistakes on the board.

Queen offers the ideal way to take advantage of a board set up and stress the opponent to make drastic shots. Apart from seeking points of this red coin, you can utilize it to develop a strategy to keep the other players on their toes.

  • A crucial factor of the final result

Imagine you are locking horns with your opponents and you both have an almost similar number of coins left on the board. What will decide the end result? It is the queen that will determine the score of the round at the end. Try to focus on the queen and do not let the opponent have its advantage. Even if an opponent manages to put the red coin in a pocket, attempt to finish the board and do not let him utilize the points of a queen. Hence, this coin is the biggest deciding factor of all rounds you play online.

  • Covering queen is a prestigious move

Attempting and succeeding in putting the queen in a pocket and covering simultaneously is a matter of prestige and pride. It boosts your confidence and lets you play the rest of the shots skillfully. In fact, it also makes the opponent nervous as you have already taken the lead by using the points of the queen.

If you win the board, you will be steps ahead of the opponent. This pride and prestige are what you need to boost your confidence in a Carrom game. Next, secure the queen and put pressure on your opponent to win the rounds strategically.

  • The thrill of securing the queen

There is no doubt that even the best Carrom players shake a little while attempting a queen. This thrill is something the Carrom lovers live for. Trying to secure a queen and enjoying the sweet success are what make the day fruitful and enjoyable. This competitive mode makes every game you play with friends and peers thrilling and enjoyable.


Your prime aim is to secure the queen on the board when you are absolutely sure of cover. Your attempt will decide the fate of the round. Learn the importance of the red coin or queen and proceed accordingly. Enjoy the thrill of Carrom every day with your friends and compete to secure the queen.

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