A Quick Overview of Orthodontic Treatments in Vancouver, BC

Orthodontic Treatments

Being one of the most densely populated and ethnically diverse metropolitans in British Columbia, Vancouver is among the fascinating places in Canada. However, the diversity in ethnicity and age has made it challenging for dentists in the city to treat people with oral health issues.

A certified Vancouver orthodontist can testify that a broad category of residents from various backgrounds and ages walk into their clinics each day. Invariably, they all have different oral problems and need attention and treatment likewise.

For instance, a survey back in 2009 found that approximately 58% of kids and adolescents in British Columbia had dental caries. While the situation has considerably improved since then, the issue persists reasonably.

Here’s a brief review of orthodontic treatments in the city that new residents will find intriguing and helpful.

Treatment for Kids and Teens

Dental health statistics from 2010 to 2012 in British Columbia, including Vancouver, revealed that around thirteen per every thousand children aged one to five had day surgery to repair extensive damage due to caries. Unsurprisingly, this surgery is the leading cause of the use of anesthesia for children that young in the region, costing over three million dollars annually.

With these facts and figures in mind, orthodontists in Vancouver provide specific dental treatments targeted to improve the oral health of kids and teenagers in the region. They use state-of-the-art technology to treat crowded and overlapping teeth, jaw misalignment, and issues with tooth growth in young children.

Orthodontic specialists provide treatments that cover crooked teeth, gaps, misaligned jaw, and issues like overbite and underbite for teenagers in Vancouver.

Orthodontics for Adults

In Vancouver, British Columbia, the focus of dental experts on the overall dental care for city residents primarily begins from birth until six years of age. This focus is significantly attributable to the fact that young kids develop caries quicker in the region, with several of them being adversely affected right from the womb due to the poor oral hygiene of pregnant women. The care continues when residents reach adulthood.

Therefore, orthodontic specialists in the city design sophisticated treatments to help Vancouver adults deal with crowded and crooked teeth, misalignments, gum diseases, tooth decay, and bad bites. They also treat joint disorders, enabling folks to lead pain-free and more confident lives as they enjoy straight smiles and sound oral health.

Furthermore, respected Vancouver clinics allow residents to book appointments online and avail of the latest treatments like Invisalign that are barely noticeable and give better results in a shorter period.

Payment Options

There are over fifty-five registered dentists in Vancouver, perhaps more, making it critical to find the best Vancouver orthodontist for your needs. Ideally, you should look for someone who treats kids, teens, and adults in the same clinic, making it easy to book appointments for your entire family and get care from reliable local experts.

Moreover, look for a local orthodontist who provides flexible payment options, offers a reward points system, and accepts almost all major dental insurance. They may also give residents the chance to pay in monthly installments for treatments that may cost considerably more, such as metal braces that average around $7,000 to $12,000 in Vancouver.

Finally, know that reliable and reputable orthodontists provide a free initial consultation to assess their patients and provide them with multiple treatment options.

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