All You Need to Know and Do Before Coolsculpting in Vancouver

Coolsculpting in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the most densely populated regions in Canada. With a population of 662,248 in 2021, this city is also known for increasing awareness of the fitness and beauty industries. Every year, the beauty industry in British Columbia grows by 0.7%, showing its popularity and acceptance of the same.

Exercise and diet regimes are a part of people’s daily schedules; however, losing that stubborn fat is almost impossible for some. They are also scared to undergo surgeries due to the risks involved. If you haven’t heard about coolsculpting in Vancouver, this article is for you. It is a non-surgical procedure that helps in reducing fat accumulated under the skin.

Here are the Things to Know About Coolsculpting


Learning about the process of coolsculpting is essential. The customer chooses a target area. A gel pad and applicator are introduced superficially in this region. The applicator cools the fat cells, and the whole device is gently moved over the skin. A suction is produced along with the cooling effect. Both of these actions kill the fat cells in that particular body region.


The duration of this treatment may differ for different parts of the body. It mainly depends on the amount of accumulated fat in that area. Therefore, there is no such time limit to the whole process.


Coolsculpting is very effective when it comes to fat reduction. Post the treatment, the patient must wait for 4-6 months. During this period, the fat cells that have been killed during the procedure are removed from the body. The target region loses all the accumulated fat as the fat cells exit.

Does it work?

Canadians are incredibly conscious about their health inside out. The Vancouver Hospital and Health & Science Center also has 58 faculties in the cosmetic treatment division showing the growth of popularity among the masses. A study stated that coolsculpting was a highly effective process and could be used for long-term fat removal.


In Vancouver, the costs of coolsculpting range between 2000-5000$, which is worthwhile considering its permanent and long-term positive effects.

Things to do Before Getting the Treatment

No Blood-thinners

It is recommended to avoid consuming blood thinners before this process as they may enhance bruising of the target area after the treatment.

Avoid Injury

Avoid any injury in the target region of the body. As the coolsculpting process involves suction and gentle massage, any injury in the region shall postpone the treatment.

No Tanning

Tanning procedures should not be done before undergoing coolsculpting. It is so because the skin gets sensitive and may react to the treatment.

No Smoking

It is advised to stop smoking before a week of coolsculpting; otherwise, the treatment’s recovery would slow down.

Eat Healthily

According to a survey, 59% of Vancouver residents admit to drinking coffee from anywhere, and 22% drink more than 7 cups in a week, and that’s definitely a lot. Before you go in for the treatment, it is advisable to cut down on caffeine, alcohol, and other unhealthy drinks. Start eating a healthy and balanced diet. It will ensure a smooth transition and recovery from the treatment and prevent complications.


Coolsculpting is a non-invasive process with minimal risk of complications. Coolsculpting in Vancouver is famous all over Canada. However, when opting to undergo this treatment, it is necessary to only get treated through the hands of trained practitioners. It will ensure a high degree of safety and an effective treatment outcome.


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