20 Unknown & Amazing Facts About India that Will Amaze You

interesting facts about india

India is a country with over more than a billion people living in the country belonging to a different culture, religion and speaking different languages and leading different lifestyles. India also ranks second in the list of most populous nations of the world.

There are also some other interesting facts about India like did you know facts that 100 million years ago, India was an island? It later collided with the biggest continent- Asia and formed the Indian peninsula.

There are many other unknown facts about India that generally people don’t know.

Are you getting interested? If yes, then let’s explore some of the amazing facts about India.

20 Interesting Facts About India:

  1. Anti-Gravity Hills

This ‘Magnetic’, anti-gravity hill is situated in the Ladakh region of India. Just put your car in the neutral gear and it will start moving uphill of its own. Isn’t this amazing!

  1. Lonar Lake

What happens when a meteor hits? Will you believe it if I say, it can create a lake. Yes, it is true. Around 52000 years ago, a meteor in Maharashtra created this lake.

  1. India’s Gift to the World

Many things for the first time happened in this country, whether it be a snake and ladder match or a chess match. Diamond mining, use of buttons and shampoo was also first started in this country.

  1. India Taught Maths to the World

Everyone knows about the invention of zero but, very few know that algebra, the value of Pi and trigonometry were also a gift from India.

  1. Floating Post Office

Another unusual fact about India is a ‘Floating Post Office’ in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Along with the post office, the houseboat also has a museum.

Enjoying these interesting facts about India? Continue reading…

  1. Mawsynram

This place has a record for the most rainfall occurring annually at any place. This place is in the Meghalaya state which receives an annual rainfall of 11,873 millimetres.

  1. Separate Law For Cows

A cow is not just an animal in India. It has an important place in Indian culture. So, it is the only country in the world where there is a bill of rights made particularly for cows regarding its sale and killing for commercial purposes.

  1. Shani Shingnapur Village

There are no doors in any of the houses in this village. People have a belief that ‘Shani Dev’ takes care of their house. This village is located in the state of Maharashtra and over more than 40000 devotees visit this village every day. I am thinking what do they do during rains and thunderstorms?

  1. Officer’s Village Of India

In the Jaunpur district of the north Indian state U.P., there is a village called ‘Madhopatti’ which has been given the name of ‘Officers village of India’. This is because of the fact that it has given as many as 47 IAS officers to the country and many students of this village are working for ISRO and World Bank. Hope, I was born there.

  1. Vegetarians Population

Approximately 30 to 40% of the Indians are vegetarians which makes this country the country with the most number of vegetarians on the earth.

  1. 2nd Most English Speaking Nation

Right after the US, India ranks second in the list of most number of English speaking populations with about 10% of people fluently speaking this language.

  1. Milk Production

Another amazing fact about India is that it has a record for being the largest milk producer. So milk and milk products can be found in every household and their rates are cheaper too.

  1. The Incredible Kabaddi Team

One of India’s ‘desi’ games -Kabaddi has now become popular in the country as well as across the international borders. Whether it be the men or the women kabaddi team, they have always brought the world cup trophy to the place where the game originated.

  1. Kumbh Mela

Most of you are aware that the ‘Great Wall of China’ can be seen from space but you know in 2011, the ‘Kumbh Mela’ was visible from space too. It is organised every 12 years and people from every part of the world gather here for taking a soul-purifying bath in the ‘Ganges’.

  1. Mosques In India

You may call India a Hindu Nations but, it is a nation which respects every religion. Just, for example, there are about 3 lacs mosques in India which is the biggest number in any nation of the world.

  1. Road Network

Being a big country area-wise, it requires a good network of roads to connect different parts with each other. So it has the second largest road network(1.9 million miles) in the world.

  1. Chenab Rail Bridge

It is the highest rail bridge on this earth with its height measuring 1.178 feet ( 35 metres more than the Eiffel Tower’s height). Constructed over the Chenab river in the Northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, this bridge is a magnificent example of excellent engineering work.

  1. Golden Temple

It is an important temple for ‘Sikhs’ around the world. It also attracts many tourists and holds a record for being visited by the most number of devotees and tourists, over more than a ‘lakh’ every single day.

  1. Family Of 181 Members

Mr Ziona Chana”s family with 181 members (consisting of 94 children, 39 wives, 33 grandchildren and 14 daughters-in-law), holds the record for being the biggest family on the earth. They reside in a village of Mizoram in a big mansion of 100 rooms.

  1. The Lifeline Express

Also called ‘Jeevan Rekha Express’, it is amongst the first of its kind- a hospital train which provides medical facilities to various remote and inaccessible regions of the countries. Isn’t that an amazing fact about India!

There are various other interesting facts about India that makes this country a special one on the world map. Hope you enjoyed reading about these amazing facts about India.

By Saurabh Jha

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