List of Top 11 Best AC (Air Conditioner) Brands in India

best ac in india

Top AC Brands in India: Looking to buy best ac in India? Here in this article, we will discuss about best air conditioner brands in India.

Air condition commonly known as AC by short is one of the most primary requirements of ours in today’s date. India generally being a hot and humid country is definitely asking its inhabitants to get their ACs to keep away the heat. Now buying an Air conditioner is very tricky work indeed and requires lots of research work. Checking with different models and brands available along with keeping in tandem with our room area. Thus it is always better to seek an expert opinion before you purchase one of your choices.

Today hereby, we will be checking out with some of the best-branded ACs available in the Indian market. We will also discuss about its price range and the quality it serves to customers. So let’s dig deep into the topic and try to get a clear view of the best air conditioners available in the market at the latest.

List of companies with best AC in India

  • Samsung

Samsung is one of the most trusted brands of AC in today’s date because of the quality and longevity it serves its clients. The brand manufactures ACs that quickly cool your room within few minutes consuming a minimal amount of electricity. Available in different starts, for different types of rooms. The company provides various capacitating machines starting from minimum to the maximum that too within everybody’s budget.

  • Kenstar

Kenstar is another branded AC manufacturer that requires no introduction to us. Serving with all the basic features, the company provides a good compressor and helps intense cooling in no time. It truly provides customers value for their money and lasts really long requiring minimum servicing. For more enquiries, you can check with your nearest dealers.

  • Carrier

Carrier offers a machine that is high in cooling and requires or consumes less amount of electricity than its competitors. The display, cooling functionality, operating system, and modes are quite easy to handle and provide good service after-sales. It comes in a very affordable price range depending on (rated stars) the machine is made up of. For more enquiries, you can check with the company website.

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  • Voltas

Voltas is considered to be one of the most primary brands in AC making and selling in India. It has a huge customer base and quality products that it offers. The company to date is high in repute and makes one of the finest air cooling systems that too in a very affordable range for all. They provide a good service providation after-sales and a warranty period that is quite remarkable.

  • Blue Star

Achieving good comments from the users and having a good after-sales service repute, Blue Start is one of the most leading AC manufacturers in India today. It provides great features like anti-acarine, anti-bacterial, active carbon, catechin filters and different others that really make them superior to the other competitors. The machines are hardy in nature and consume less amount of energy with an ability to instantly cool your room in no time.

  • Hitachi

Hitachi is another world-famous brand that needs no introduction about it’s quality and service providation and moreover its commitments. Ranging in different prices, the price goes on increasing with the increase of stars in the machine and tons (weight) it carries. Its inverter ACs consume less power along with multilevel filtering provision. It’s AC high in the cooling capacity that makes it one of the best choices when it comes to purchasing AC.

  • Whirlpool

Whirlpool provides its customers with AC starting at different price ranges with differences in stars as per the customer’s needs and requirements. Being stylish and powerful both, you will get an amazing cooling experience in a short time that too in the best price range that affords your pocket. It generally provides a four-year warranty on the compressor along with a year warranty over the air conditioner as well.

  • LG

LG is one of the most trusted brands to date when it comes to purchasing the best quality of AC in a very affordable range suiting the pocket. Currently, it is providing Himalayan cooling experience along with Monson comfort technology attached to it that provides a perfect cooling sensation that to in low electric consumption. Anti-rust compressors help to keep your machine good and active for a longer time than that of its competitors.

  • O General

O General is another company that is providing good quality of AC machines to the Indian customers. It offers an affordable range of AC’s as per the market views. It provides a nice cooling performance within an economic price with a decent after-sales service providation. The machines are stylish in design with a year warranty along with a five-year warranty on the compressor also.

  • Daikin

Daikin being one of the most reputed brands out of all is one of the first choices for most of the customers when it comes to buying a reliable quality air conditioner. It comes in different price ranges depending on the model that you look to buy along with the number of tons. Providing powerful compressors this brand is marked for its quality and service that it provides to the customers around the globe.

  • Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is another name that needs no introduction to Indian customers. Well known for its quality products worldwide, Mitsubishi is one of the finest makers of AC. It’s AC requires less energy to run and cooling capacity that has no match to it.  It is found in the market in different price ranges depending on specifications and models that one intends to buy. Mitsubishi provides excellent after-sales support and quality service which has always been the plus point.

Thus concluding…

It is always recommended that you visit different shops and take the expert’s opinion before finally getting one for yourself.  The brands discussed above are all well known for providing superior quality of AC. These ac brands offer too in an affordable range both split and window AC. Depending on the variant, the price may change from time to time that needs surveying.

Hope you found this helpful.

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