Best Anti Hair Fall Oils in India for Hair Regrowth of Men & Women

best anti-hair fall oils

Everybody loves shiny and thick hair because healthy hair helps to make their look smart. In the period of stress and runaway life, hair fall is a typical issue faced by most individuals, whether they are men or women. There are numerous ways like anti-hair fall oilshome remedies to encounter the hair fall problem, but not all the solution gives the desired outcome.

However, in India, the most common solution for hair fall rescue is oiling the hair with mustard oil, the same thing as done by our mother and grandmothers in our childhood. Mustard oil is used to reduce the hair fall and also helps in regrowth of hair.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of oil brands available in the market. All the companies claiming their product is best for hair fall rescue and regrowth. So there is a question that occurs in your mind that which product is best for your hair problem?

Well, we have sorted a list of hair oils for you. The list of top anti-hair fall oils in India for hair regrowth is based on the review of user available on various shopping sites. However, before you pick your preferred oil from the below list, let’s find out the reasons for hair fall.

What causes hair fall in men and women?

Hair fall in men and women can occur due to numerous elements, and sometimes it may be happening for more than one reason. In that event, if you have identified the reason behind your hair fall, then you will be able to devise a treatment to fight the problem. Some of the well-known reasons for hair loss are:

Genetic Disorder:

This is the most common cause of hair fall. In this, if your mother and father have a hair fall problem than in most of the cases, it automatically gets transferred to you.


Hair fall may be activated from stress, whether it is mental or physical. This type of hair loss is temporary.

Head Treatment by Radiation:

This also causes hair loss problems. In this case, the hair may not develop back equivalent to it was previously.

Diseases & Drugs:

Hair loss may be the side effects of certain drugs, such as those used for heart problems, cancer, depression, arthritis, gout, and high blood pressure. It may also happen due to some diseases such as thyroid, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.

Hormonal Changes:

In women, hormonal changes due to pregnancy, childbirth & menopause also caused for hair loss problem. This type of hair loss issue is temporary.

Excessive Hairstyling:

It may also cause permanent hair loss issues. Chemicals, hot oil hair treatments are some causes that may be harm hair you during hair styling.


This is the problem that you may not control easily! People who are mostly live outside in the sun and dust faced pollution-induced hair loss.


Poor quality of water may also cause the hair loss problem. Water having excessive chlorine, hard water, saltwater are the few reasons which cause this issue.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D animates hair follicles to develop, thus when the body doesn’t have sufficient Vitamin D, and then the hair might be a loss.

Lack of Protein

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, lack of protein also causes hair issues. If you don’t take enough protein in your diet, your body may ration protein by shutting down hair growth.

On occasion, more than one factor might contribute to thinning hair and an increase in hair fall. In that case, many effective oils are now accessible in India, which can enable you to recover your pride and battle hair fall.

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Top Hair Regrowth Anti-Hair Fall Oils Brand in India

In the event, that hair fall is troubling you and you wish to battle from male pattern baldness and energize hair development, oiling your hair is indispensable in each viewpoint. While it might appear to be old-fashioned to massage your scalp and hair with oil, but it is the best method to spoil your hair, help hair-development, battle from dandruff, and male pattern baldness and make it thick and sensible. Here in this post, we have made a list of the best anti-hair fall oils in India that encourage hair regrowth with only ordinary champis.

Dove Elixir Hair Fall Rescue Hair Oil – Rose & Almond Oil

Dove Elixir hair oil is a luxurious blend of valuable oils by Dove. Enhanced with almond and rose oils, the Dove Elixir hair oil helps to battle from hair fall. This oil is used to bring back the lost moisture of the hair.

Dove hair fall oil is appropriate for all types of hair; the oil mixes away into your scalp and gives sufficient sustenance directly from the foundation of your hair to its tip.

There are no harmful chemicals used in making this oil, and it comprises essential oils. This oil offers protection to your hair and reinforces it to regrowth.

Price: RS 225 (90ml)

Pros: It does control the hair fall & the oil fragrance is just amazing

Cons: Oil is a little bit heavy, so don’t use an excessive amount of oil.

Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil

Indulekha Bringha oil is a restrictive Ayurvedic medication prescribed for hair and scalp conditions like hair fall, dandruff, dryness, and so on. This oil is marked as 100% natural, the ingredients used for Indulekha Bringha hair oil are Swethakutaja leaves, coconut milk oil, aloe vera, amla, neem, Bringharaj, etc.

During the manufacturing of Indulekha Bringha Oil, the Swethakutaja leaves are dunked in pure coconut milk oil (prepared by cold process technology). This drawn-out mixing procedure removes the whole therapeutic nature of the leaves and therefore makes it a viable element of Indulekha Bringha Oil.

Price: RS 432 (100ml)

Pros – The oil is a pure herbal product

Cons – You may not like the strong smell of the oil. The price is also high.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Oil

A commonly recognized ayurvedic name now, Patanjali offers extraordinary compared to other Ayurvedic hair regrowth oils with Kesh Kanti brand name. Advanced with Brahmi, Bhringraj, Yasthi Madhu, Mehendi, aloe vera extract, wheat germ oil, Kesh Kanti oil is a fantastic solution hair fall treatment and advance hair re-development. The herbs work superbly well to fortify hair roots, diminishing male pattern baldness, and animating hair follicles to empower development. It additionally smoothens and mollifies hair.

Price: RS 120 (120ml)

Pros – Regular massage of the oil prevents hair fall

Cons – Some people complain about the smell as pathetic

Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Oil

Himalaya’s Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil anticipates hair fall and invigorates hair development. The mixture of Himalaya Herbals Anti-hair falls oil is very significant. It contains neem and bael, Bhringaraj, and Amlakai alongside fenugreek that cooperates to make this somewhat pleasant smelling.

It is improved with the decency of thorns and Indian gooseberry that reinforce root shafts and avert hair fall. Fenugreek is wealthy in lecithin and proteins that feed the hair roots. Neem and bael work all the while to anticipate scalp contaminations and keep hair reliable.

Price: RS 200 (200ml)

Pros – Feels very light and comes with a lovely mild fragrance

Cons – Not worked for everyone

Khadi Natural Tulsi Hair Oil

Khadi Natural Anti-Hair Fall Oil is from Khadi Naturals. It is a herbal and mineral blend of Ayurvedic plants, essential vitamins, and minerals that animate hair development and sustain the scalp. The composition of Khadi Natural Tulsi oil has a great mix of Amalaki, neem, Shikakai, tulsi, and Shankhpushpi herbs along with other minerals, for example, calcium and Vitamins E, A and D.

It is a successful cure against male pattern baldness, dandruff, bothersome scalp or psoriasis, and dry hair.

Price: RS 155 (210ml)

Pros – It detoxifies hair and makes them cleaner and healthier. A budget-friendly oil.

Cons – The smell is a bit stronger, may bother sensitive noses.

Kesh King Ayurvedic Anti Hairfall Hair Oil

Emami promotes Kesh King Ayurvedic Anti Hairfall Hair Oil as clinically verified that this oil gives two times better results than other ayurvedic oils. This oil is ideal for all types of hair related issues. Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Oil contains 21 Rare Ayurvedic Herbs with no side effects.

These 21 collected herbs are grabbed from the perfect sources with “Mantrocharan,” guaranteeing the advantages of herbs are held. The oil is prepared using Tel Pak Vidhi in which herbs are bubbled in Sesame seed oil for quite a long time under thorough conditions to retain the integrity of the herbs in the last item.

It helped to grow microcirculation on the scalp permits and focused on oil application at the roots for impeccable entrance.

Price: RS 320 (300ml)

Pros – Increase hair growth & Reduce the hair fall

Cons – It suits very few hair problems.

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

Satthwa Hair Oil is the mixture of 9 natural ingredients, its free from chemical. The composition is blended of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, amla oil, castor oil, emu oil, grapeseed oil, Vitamin E, amla oil, extra virgin coconut oil, and extra virgin olive.

This hair oil is best for both men and women. It helps in hair fall control, and also it is anti-dandruff hair oil. It is used to keep scalp moisturized. You have to massage your scalp with this oil 2-3 hour before bath and use shampoo to clean your hair at the time of the shower. Do the same twice a week for the next three months, and you will get a better result.

Price: RS 599 (100ml)

Pros – There are no mineral oils

Cons – Price is high

Parachute Advansed Scalp Therapie Hair Oil

Parachute a familiar oil brand for all of us, most of the people used it in their childhood. This oil is mainly designed for the treatment of an unhealthy scalp. Parachute oil is a mix of different ingredients like coconut oil, Brahmi, amla, vitamin E, and B, minerals, and hibiscus.

It is mainly created with an active protein complex that gives essential nutrients to our scalp. These nutrients are deeply absorbed in the scalp to provide natural hair growth. Regular use of this oil for 30 days makes the scalp healthy so that hair fall can be controlled effectively.

Price: RS 150 (100ml)

Pros – It also helps in dandruff control

Cons – It contains minerals

Trichup Hair Fall Control Oil

Trichup hair falls control oil is an unmatched herbal blend of Neem, Bhringraj, til oil, Dhattura, patola, Amalaki, Japa, Narkiel. This oil controls hair falls by increasing the strength of hair roots. It is mainly designed to work on chemically treated hair, damaged hair, permed hair.

Trichup hair falls control oil is mainly used for anti-hair fall, conditioning, hair strengthening, hair thickening, hair growth, healthy scalp, etc. The oil also prevents hair damage from pollution.

This oil is ideal for men & women. You can also use this oil for baby boy and baby girl.

Price: RS 270 (200ml)

Pros – It is useful in all hair types

Cons– Scent is not good

Biotique Bio Bhringraj Hair Oil

Biotique Bio Bhringraj Hair Oil is the mix of potent ingredients like Brahmi, Amla, Mulethi, Tesu, Coconut Oil, Cow’s Milk, and Goat’s Milk. All of these ingredients are best for hair, proven by many researchers.

This oil nourishes the scalp and provides strength to hair that encourages regrowth of hair. Massage your scalp in a circular motion with this oil. Apply it on your hair before shampoo and keep it at least for half an hour. Use this oil regularly for three months, and you will notice a significant difference.

Price: RS 159 (120ml)

Pros – Oil is a light and its smells pretty nice

Cons – It doesn’t suit for all type of hairs

Murtela Hair Oil

Murtela anti-hair fall oil makes its place among the top anti-hair fall oils in India because of its exceptional mix of ingredients like Bhringraj, aloe vera, almond oil, arnica extract and many other essential oils like lemon oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and hibiscus. The oil works by counteracting hair fall, sustaining the scalp, and animating hair development. It is probably the best cure on the off chance that you need to regrow your hair.

Price: RS 270 (100ml)

Pros – Works also to prevent dandruff

Cons – Not found yet.

We hope the list, as mentioned above of anti-hair fall oils in India and oils that help in hair regrowth, will easy to make your decision in the selection of anti-dandruff and anti-hair fall oils according to your hair type, hair concerns, and spending plan. Regular massage of your hair with these oils will help your hair regrowth and gain your lost hair.

Although there are contrasts in manners, men’s and women’s hair reacts to oiling. Always try to use sulfate-free shampoo after oiling. Remember that the outcomes must take some time to be seen. Also, keep one thing in your mind that an oil maybe works for others but not in your case because of your different hair issues.

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