Top 10 Best Scooty in India for Mens & Womens

best scooty in India

Top 10 Best Scooty in India for Men & Women: Are you planning to buy a new scooty? Searching for the best scooty in India? Have you decided which scooter is perfect for you? Well, think about it once again because there are lots of scooty brands in India which can be better than your desired scooty. By the way, there are lots of factors that have to be undertaken while purchasing a new scooter.

Don’t worry we have made a list of factors on which you can judge a particular scooty.

  1. Brand – Brand is the biggest factor. Reputed brand scooter is good to buy as these scooties are loaded with features. Moreover, it is seen that scooties of popular brands have a longer life than the ordinary one. The brand also decides the resale value of the old model scooties. Branded scooties have a good market and resale price.
  2. Weight and stylish– Nowadays stylish and funky looks in are in trend. So make sure scooty which you are going to buy is good looking in both design and style.
  3. Mileage- Mileage is also an important factor to be noted. Average scooty should give the mileage of at least 35-40 KM/L. Don’t get confused with highway mileage, consider city traffic mileage.
  4. Money-Saving- Saving money is the major goal of every person. So, make sure you paying less for more features, like there may be other scooty brands in the market which are offering the same features at less price. Spend some time and compare all those scooties which you find better for yourself.

That’s these are all the factors that should be undertaken before buying a scooty. By the way, we have also maintained a list of scooties that have all the qualities that we mentioned above. Moreover, you may consider these factors to buy best scooty in India.

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List of Best Scooty in India

  1. Honda Activa 5G

Honda Activa is the first preference of the majority of people in India. This scooty doesn’t need any introduction. Activa is a very popular scooter in India. It has various models like 125i, 2g, 3g, 4g. The latest Model of Honda Activa in the Market is Activa 5G. Activa is best for both business and household use. It offers comfort, style and better traveling experience in every ride. Honda is the bestselling two-wheeler in the market. It covers about 51% of the market share. The other part of the market is covered by its competitor Jupiter, Z-ray, etc. This scooty fits for both men & women, so if you are planning to buy the best scooty in India then you can choose this.

  1. TVS Jupiter

After Activa 5G there is a huge demand for TVS Jupiter in the market. It is best for young as well as aged drivers. However, the majority of features are the same as of Activa but have lots of additional features with it like external fuel filling facilities. Alloy wheels etc. However, TVS Jupiter has more and updated features than Honda Activa but still, it lacks behind just because of Honda’s brand Loyalty.

With huge efforts on Jupiter TVS has made an initiative to leave behind its direct competitor Honda Activa in the market. TVS 2020 Jupiter facelift. The all-new Jupiter is said to completely different look from the front with better drive experience.

  1. Honda Dio

Honda is still the dominant brand in the list of best scooty. It’s one of the product range Activa is ruling over the market. But beside Activa, Honda Dio is a very efficient scooty. Earlier Dio had less market share due to its ladies-type look. But Honda has really worked hard on its look and had released a new model of Dio recently.

Definitely you will be stunned after looking at its new look. Now it is available in 9 different colors and two variants-

  1. Metal wheels
  2. Cast wheels.

It has similar engine power as of Activa. But has lots of storage space and a USB charging port and many other exciting features. It is one of the best two-wheelers for ladies in India.

  1. Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access 125 is one of the oldest selling scooters in the market. A few months ago, Suzuki launched the new model of Suzuki Access 125 with lots of improvements and new updated features. However, Suzuki Access 125 is now available in two variants-

  1. Drum Brake
  2. Disc brake.

You can experience many new things in updated Access like better drive experience, Powerful 125cc engine. All-new Suzuki Access 125 is available in 5 different colours. Moreover, a fact that will shock is that at the beginning of 2019, Suzuki Access was declared the highest-selling 125cc scooter in India.

  1. Hero Destini 125

Hero is a very popular brand in the two-wheeler industry. It’s scooty Hero Destini 125 is the perfect combination of power & style. It runs on a powerful 125cc engine. One of the amazing features that you will not find in other scooties is its automatic start-stop feature. Hero Destini 125 engine automatically turns off when running idle. It works great when you get stuck in a long traffic jam.

This feature also enables Hero Destini to maintain great Mileage and longer engine life. This scooty is a tough competitor of Suzuki Access 125.

  1. Hero Maestro Edge 125

Hero Maestro Edge 125 is another brilliant scooty from Hero. The Company had worked a lot on its upgradation. Finally, they have come out with more powerful and classic looking scooty. In the 2019 model, there are lots of new features that will blow you away.

For example, it comes in two variants- Carb and fuel injection. Hero Maestro Edge 125 is India’s first fuel-injected scooty. In the new model, you will also find a 125cc powerful engine. Earlier it came with 110cc engine. Talking about the design and looks. It is now available in four new different colors. Hero makes their scooties best and unique from a features point of view.

  1. Honda Grazia

Honda Grazia is the best scooty for those people who want sporty look in their scooty. Talking about the mechanism, it has the same mechanism as of Honda Activa. But its top speed is much higher than Activa. In the new update, Honda Grazia has got new decals on the front apron with ‘DX’ lettering.

Moreover, now the new colour option is also offered to the customer that is Pearl Siren Blue. It gives an unbeatable mileage of 55-60km/l. This is one of the best Scooter For Women in India.

  1. TVS Wego

TVS is the most popular scooter brand after Honda in the market. TVS’s Jupiter is the highest-selling scooty after Honda Activa. TVS Wego is another powerful scooty from TVS company. It is perfect in terms of design and performance. TVS Wego has an engine of 110cc engines which gives great mileage of 51 KM/L.

Wego is available in 9 different colours. It was launched in 2010 and got very good reviews from youngsters. Now after a long time, TVS has revealed the new models of Wego. There are lots of new features like the comfortable long seat, sync braking system, and optional disc brake and mobile charging socket in under-seat storage. Also, the most exciting feature is it comes with body balance technology. This technology helps in maintaining balance on sharp turns.

  1. TVS NTORQ Race Edition

TVS NTORQ is a wild card scooty of TVS company. It was launched last year, but soon after its release in the market, it started giving competition to popular Brands like Honda Activa. Now recently TVS has released the race edition of TVS NTORQ. All-new TVS NTORQ has got a sporty look and loaded with new features.

The biggest update is that it has got a new T shaped headlamp with diffused LED lights. New Features also include Matte coloured series of NTORQ. Moreover, we would like to tell you that TVS NTORQ has achieved the Scooter of the Year title at Autocar Awards 2019. If you are looking for the best scooty for girls in India then just go for it.

  1. Yamaha ZR Ray Cygnus

It is also a popular brand in the two-wheeler industry. Yamaha ZR Ray Cygnus is a next-gen scooty. Yamaha has made this scooty mainly to target young people. As young teenagers like stylish looks in scooties. So Yamaha has designed this scooty according to youth choice.

Not only with looks it also has powerful performance also. It has a 110cc engine that promises fuel efficiency in standard conditions. Moreover, it has got a lightweight body which allows perfect balance on the road. It comes in two different colours only.

This is it, we have shown the list of top 10 best scooters in India right now. If you have a better suggestion so, please share your choice in the comments below.

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