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As dedicated teachers, it is your priority to ensure that your students grasp well whatever you teach them. And the online form of education introduced lately has made many of you doubt your teaching skills and methods. Well, since this technique is still very new to most of you, it is ok to feel nervous. And we know you are giving your 100% for your students. But is it all? Don’t you think you require some external help from the same online sources to help you impart the knowledge better? We think, you certainly do! And that’s where educational and teaching applications like Extramarks come into picture.

This application is especially designed to suffice all the educational needs of both students and the teachers. While the learners get knowledge through the most captivating ways through this app, even teachers can benefit a lot from it and adapt to online teaching better. Want to know how? Keep reading.

  • Extramarks help you teach without any distance barrier –yes, we agree today education is all about distant learning. But Extramarks is one of those teaching applications that helps you overcome this hurdle pretty easily. It helps you take online sessions live without any barrier and even record those sessions for further usage. Now, students won’t feel you are away teaching from other platforms and it imitates the live classroom feel during the lectures.
  • Assign tests and homework easily – Assigning tests and homework to students through online classes can be officially tagged as a challenge. But how Extramarks make it appear like a breeze! The app has advanced features that nor only help you assign the tests to the kids, but you can also evaluate their marks and performance easily. Won’t it actually make your work almost half?
  • Create diverse content yourself or access the Extramarks library – Now teachers, you will be impressed with this feature. Extramarks, one of the best teaching applications, help you get the best and most engaging content for your lectures and portion for the kids by just a click of the button. And if you want to create your personal notes, you have the options for that as well. In fact, you can store these for your future convenience and spare the trouble of explaining a single topic multiple times.
  • Manage teachers and students easily – If you are the head of an educational institute, we have great news for you as well! We know you struggle very hard to get good educators for your platform l. So, Extramarks makes it super easy for you. Now you can get the support of an experienced and expert teacher through this app in a jiffy without any trouble. What’s more, even parents struggling to get home tutors can manage them through this application. And you won’t believe how fast new students enroll in your institution through this medium.
  • Saves time and extremely convenient – Extramarks is that application that has everything you require to teach the kids at your fingertips. So, basically, you login and start the lectures that were already saved in the most systematic way. You can even answer the queries of students very conveniently through this application. This in turn saves you loads of time and efforts that otherwise are dedicated to clear your points.

After reading all these, don’t you think Extramarks is one of the best teaching applications that you should download immediately and enjoy these perks?

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