List of Best Waterfalls in India

best waterfalls

India has a range of wide and largest waterfalls throughout the Asian countries, the Falls of Karnataka is considered as the largest in India and the second biggest waterfalls in the whole of Asia. It is located in the Agumbe. This region of the country receives a large amount of rain every year. This place is known for because it is considered as the wettest place in India.

Best Waterfalls in India

Kunchikal Falls:

This waterfall is the 2nd largest in the whole of Asia and is also one of the biggest waterfalls of India. The Kunchikal falls are the tallest waterfall of India. It has a height of 1,493 ft approximately. It is located in Karnataka in the district of Shimoga. The researchers have shown that this area of India is gaining much rain as compared to the other places which come at 2nd in the list of heavy rainfall.

Nohkalikai Falls:

Among the tallest waterfalls, Nohkalikai is present at the top of that list. These waterfalls are situated in the region of Cherrapunji. This place is one of the wettest places on the land. The exact location of these biggest waterfalls is in the district of Meghalaya. In terms of height, these waterfalls come at the 3rd number. It has an elevation of about 1,120 ft. This beautiful and wild place of district Meghalaya is famous for the oranges, bridges, hills and the rainfall.

If you are searching for other waterfalls in these areas, then we would let you know about the Nohsngithiang falls and the Kerem falls. These waterfalls are also in the list of the best waterfalls in India.

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Dudhsagar Falls:

From its original name, these waterfalls are known for its resemblance to that of the milk. It is considered the 5th largest waterfall in the Indian Territory. It has an elevation of about 1020 ft. These are one of the most famous waterfalls in the country. People from all around the world visit this place in different parts of the year. This place is located in beautiful Goa, which is famous for its attraction to tourists. The beaches available there make the view of Dudhsagar fall extra-ordinary.

If you’re visiting this area in the times of monsoon, then you will experience the heaviest falls in India. Among the top 100 list of the world’s waterfalls, this beautiful attracted waterfall also adds its number.

Meenmutty Falls:

These waterfalls are one of the highest waterfalls in India. It is a beautiful waterfall that is located at a height of 980 ft. It is situated in the district of Kerala(Wayanad). This place is famous among the tourist in the whole south of India. It’s wilderness and the spectacular covering of these waterfalls by the forest range these waterfalls among one of the most famous waterfalls in the region of Kerala.

Thalaiyar Falls:

These waterfalls have the shape of the rat tail. People from the Indian Territory call it as the rat tail falls. These waterfalls are located in the lingual which is the district located in Tamilnadu. It is one of the largest waterfalls in India, with an elevation of 974. It is the tallest of the waterfalls among the whole of Asia. There are some dangerous places known as dark caves.

These waterfalls are rare to be seen from the short distance. Although with proper planning and idea, one can easily reach the breathtaking view of these waterfalls. People mainly find it difficult even impossible to go there because of the rare facility of a direct road/route to these waterfalls. They are considered to be the unexplored waterfalls of India.

Jog Falls:

It is located in the district of Karnataka, Shimoga. These waterfalls are originated from the Sharavathi river. It is very rare to see in other parts of the world, where a spectacular Sharavathi river is dropping from an elevation of about 829ft which is worth exploring it. It is the most beautiful creation of nature. One would fall in love by the beauty and is considered as one of the best waterfalls of India

Kune Falls:

These waterfalls are located in the valley of Khandala. It is an evergreen city Pune which is located in Maharashtra. The fascinating waterfalls are dropping with an elevation of about 660ft. It is a breathtaking and spectacular waterfall with the green located around it.

It is always a tourist wish to see such breathtaking views of nature. The true picture of nature can be only seen with visiting such a wonderful waterfall!


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