Buckingham Palace: The Royal Residence

buckingham palace

There are so many buildings and monuments in the world. Some of them are amazing architectural pieces. These buildings are known for their spectacular structures and magnificent designs. Their unique design makes them stand proudly. One of the buildings is Buckingham Palace. This architectural piece is famous worldwide and is known for its national and majestic commemorations. Today, in this article you will learn about Buckingham Palace.

Where is the Buckingham Palace?

Situated in the Westminster City, the Buckingham Palace was built around 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham. The palace was known as “The Queen’s House” when it was acquired by King George III in 1761 and he made this the personal house for Queen Charlotte.

During the 19th century, two architects namely, Edward Blore and John Nash constructed three wings around the central courtyard. During Queen Victoria’s attainment in 1837, the palace became the British Monarch’s house.

Who lives in the palace?

Today, this palace is the United Kingdom’s Monarch house and also the executive headquarters of the same. Whenever there is any state or royal celebrations and rejoicing, the Buckingham Palace is the focal point.

Even when there’s mourning the Buckingham palace is considered. Members of the Royal Family live at Buckingham Palace. Prince Edward along with his spouse Sophie is the solitary imperial pair who has personal residences at the citadel.

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Rooms in the Buckingham Palace:

The palace has a total of 775 rooms. Out of which there are 188 rooms for the staff, 92 workplaces, and 78 lavatories. It also has 19 staterooms and 52 chief bedrooms. In addition to this, the palace also has a swimming pool, post office and cinema hall.

What to see at Buckingham Palace?

  • Throne Room:

The Throne room of the Buckingham Palace is the highlight of the tour for the visitors. The room consists of thrones used for inaugurations and traditional receptions, like The Queen’s Jubilees. During your visit, you’ll get to witness the official The Ballroom is the largest and a multi-use room of the palace.

The Throne Room can be witnessed as a set for various well-known royal marriage photographs. Queen Elizabeth’s and The Duke of Edinburgh’s photographs count to the photos. The room also has pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge.

  • The staterooms:

These are the bountifully adorned suites and while you are on a summer go round, it is the stateroom that you get to witness. In the staterooms, the Monarch meets prizes and has a company with her subject. The marble features, gleaming candelabra, damask wallpaper, splendid floorings, excellent furnishings, a statuette, and the artworks adorn the staterooms.

  • The Grand Staircase:

When you visit Buckingham Palace, there is a Grand Staircase that you must see. Designed by John Nash, the architect, the outstanding bronze stairway was a fraction of his fee to modify the palace. He modified the palace from 1825 to 1830 for King George IV.

An elaborate model of acanthus, laurel and oak leaves along with the finest bronze casting the stairways stands as a remarkable double handrail. An engraved glass arena lit the stair by the ceiling.

  • Flags and Clocks:

Whenever you enter or leave Buckingham Palace, make sure to look for the flag on the top. There is one flying over the palace all the time. The Royal Standard Flag is flown when the Queen is at the residence, and the Union Flag is hoisted while she is not there.

There are more than 350 timepieces all the way through the palace and so you can spot as many watches and clocks. The palace has the leading collections of functioning timepieces in the world!

  • Artwork:

When you are on the tour to Buckingham Palace, then you will see some reputed names at the palace. You will see the paintings of Vermeer, Rubens, Poussin, Claude, Rembrandt, Canaletto and Van Duck along with the sculptures of Chantrey and Canova.

The State Rooms consist of the wonderful portrayal of the precedent and present royals including Queen Charlotte, George III, Queen Victoria, and William IV and many more along with the portraits of the present imperial Family.

  • Garden:

Spread in 39 acres (15.8 hectares) the gardens at Buckingham Palace consist of around 200 trees, further 350 kinds of wildflowers, and a lake of three acres. The annual garden parties of the Queens are held at the gardens. You need to have Garden Tour permit to see the stunning oasis at the heart of London.

The tennis courts where King George VI and Fred Perry played in the 1930s are the highlights of the tour. When you book the Garden tickets, the tickets will include the stateroom ticket as well.

This was all for the Buckingham Palace.

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