From Convection Ovens to Combi Ovens: Buying Commercial Ovens

Commercial Ovens

Bakers and confectionaries are a “sure-fire success” business venture globally, as all cuisines have several recipes that require baking. One of the vital investments for a baker is their oven. Commercial ovens come in various models like the Unox combi oven and differ vastly from home-use ovens. Commercial ovens are heavy-duty ovens that are capable of performing more complex functions than a regular oven. But various components make a commercial oven a “must-have” for bakers, which the baker must know.

Baking is fast becoming a global hobby, with more people trying their hand at baking than before. Home bakers are viral on social media and also have a considerable consumer base. While they are adept at baking, they require the right tools and equipment to serve their growing followers.


Home bakers need to check for the following components when they purchase a commercial oven,

Rack Options

Commercial ovens offer an array of options in comparison, and bakers should ensure they get all the racks they require for their baking style. Commercial ovens are more customisable with their accessories than home-use ovens as the buyer can request specific features available with the brand.

The Door

Home bakers tend to advertise their baking process on social media to promote their products and brand. For such videos, the baker should get ovens with glass doors that allow people to look inside. Another feature they should look for is low emission, which traps the heat inside the oven for efficient baking.


One handy feature available today in commercial ovens is their auto-timer, which switches off the device once the timer ‘dings’. This feature ensures the food does not get burnt or overcooked for the perfect texture and consistency in every item.


Commercial ovens come in various models with different operating styles and requirements. Bakers should choose the type that suits their baking environment and needs the best.

Gas Oven

Gas ovens require a gas connection to operate and are more efficient than other oven types. The only drawback of a gas oven is the maintenance process, as people should keep the gas pipes clean. The financial viability of this oven depends on the regional gas prices.

Wood Fire Oven

Wood-fired pizzas are a popular dish worldwide, with several restaurants opening up to solely sell this pizza type. Woodfire ovens require a large-scale wood fire to run. These ovens can only bake some recipes and aren’t feasible for large scale operations.

Electric Ovens

Electric ovens are the most well-known ovens worldwide, with most commercial establishments opting to use them. They come in three varieties,


The convection oven works like a standard oven and uses heated air to bake the goods inside. Convectional heat is dry, ensuring no moisture inside the oven, and is perfect for baking bread, cakes, etc.


Steam ovens use hot steam for cooking or baking the food inside. This steam introduces moisture inside and is only suitable for a few recipes like dumplings. This moisture might ruin the integrity of other foods like bread.

Combi Ovens

A combi oven like the “Unox combi oven” allows the baker to choose between steam or convection settings. These ovens allow for a range of baking recipes. The combi oven is a space-saving and budget-friendly option for bakers with a wide range of baking interests. Bakers using combi ovens can also expand their baking range later if they prefer, making this the ideal choice for growing brands.

Commercial ovens come with various customisation options and complex features. People investing in commercial ovens must ensure they have the necessary information to buy one that suits their requirements.

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