9 Common Car Noises – What Do They Suggest?

Common Car Noises

A couple of days back while driving your car, you suddenly heard a clunk sound. You ignored it once but then there is this persistently annoying sound of rattling, from under the bonnet.

Turning a deaf ear to these noises is no solution. Here are certain noises that could lead to huge repairing bills, if not acted on early.

#1. Clunking

While pushing the break, do you hear a clunking sound? It is a warning that the brake caliper is either damaged, hasn’t been mounted even or adequately missing.

However, if you hear the clunking noise when your car drives over a bumpy road, then the chances are that there is some sort of problem with car suspension.  So, if you come across such a sound, don’t overlook it, instead take your vehicle to a local garage.

#2. Flapping Sound

If you hear the flapping sound from under the bonnet, it means that something is interfering with the car’s fan belt or its deterioration. If you’ve don’t looked into it, over time, this could cause severe, irreversible engine damage.

Moreover, when doing a used car search, keep your ears open for such a sound, because replacing flapping is costly.

#3. Grinding

Grinding is a noise that a car makes when you are changing the gear; it is mainly because of some clutch issues. It should be fixed, replaced, or a quick adjustment would be sought out for.

Another not-so-common reason for this noise could be the problem with your gearbox, which needs repairs or replacement. If you don’t overlook this sound and take your car to the garage, the problem could be solved with simple repairs.

#4. Sizzling or Hissing

This sound is a clear indicator that there is some leakage of the coolant, and it is falling onto the hot engine, which causes that sizzling noise. This mainly happens owing to the leakage in the vacuum line or the car engine getting overheated because the head gasket is shot.

#5. Knocking

Knocking noise from underneath the car is warning your car’s engine to stop using low-grade oil. It is advisable to use the oil, which has been recommended in the manufacturer’s handbook because your car is tested best with that specific oil.

#6. Whirring

Did you ever notice the low-pitch or annoying whirring noise when you are accelerating the car? This could mean the differential requires lubricating, the problem with the transmission, universal joints have worn out, or the wheel bearing has gone.

#7. Loud Bang

An engine backfire causes loud bangs from the back of your vehicle. It means the catalytic converter is having some problem, or the air-fuel mixture is not right.

#8. Popping

This sound coming from the engine compartment with slight engine hesitation could be down to several problems. These include dirty spark plugs, a catalytic converter, ignition trouble, clogged fuel filter, spark plug wire torn out.

#9. Rattling

Loose brake pads or exhaust systems produce the rattling sound that comes from underneath the engine.


When taking a test drive of a used car for sale, you must listen if the car is not making any of these noises. If so, then you either consider not to buy the car or do smart negotiation.

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