List of Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in India

direct selling companies

Direct selling is the kind of business where comes in direct interaction with the customers without any involvement of the ads and other factors. The companies have their distributors who represent the company and their products.

They have different perks and products for their customers and distributors for better service of the company.

Hers is the list of top direct selling companies in India and you can know about them.


A name is known to one and everyone in the country not because of the enhanced and wide varieties of things they offer to their customers.

The company has in the market for decades and still making it with their customer. Not just an Indian direct selling company, Amway is a conquered name in the world.

They have a wide range of products in their list to be offered to the consumers as nutrition and beauty alongside personal care, home care, agriculture, and even business support resources.

Amway is also known as they have combined direct selling strategy along with a multi-level marketing strategy that has brought the company to the heights.


Being in the top 10 direct selling companies in India is not enough for this brand. They have been influencing the market globally for the last seven decades.

The products of this company are more engaged with the utilities of a kitchen. Their products include food storage and servings, gift sets, microwaves, baking equipment, and food equipment tools.

Another major fact and a milestone for the company is the number of direct salespeople attached to the company. They have approx. 1.9 million salespeople on contract by now.


A globally known company with a major influence in the market of personal care products for years. The company has been a major name in the fitness industry.

The company develops, sell and market their products. The list of products includes dietary supplements, weight management, and sports nutrition.

They also produce weight loss and protein shakes, protein bars, teas, vitamins and sports hydration, energy drinks, and many more products.

Talking about numbers, they have expanded themselves in 94 countries by now and has a network of approximately 3.2M independent distributors globally.


Avon is the second-largest direct selling enterprise in the world so close in competition with Amway holding the number one stage.

It is also the fifth-largest beauty company in the world and has about 6.4M representatives globally to represent the company and the products.

The company uses both sale services like door to door salespeople and brochures also to advertise their products and has a market in over a hundred countries.

The company has two wings of the salespeople namely Avon men and Avon ladies that make the door to door sale possible.


This is one of the companies that might not have been a major name on everyone’s lips but it sure has the numbers and results to make it into the top 10 companies in India.

They have salespeople in over 60 countries and the number of salespeople is over 3.6 million distributors.

Oriflame manufactures personal care products including lip balm, accessories, and dietary products as well. They also provide a 20% off on all the products to their distributors.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd:

The company is also known with its acronym said HUL. It is a Mumbai based FMCG company with a massive dedicated customer in India.

They produce food and beverages in their range of products and also include detergents, cleaning agents alongside personal care products and water purifiers.

There is one more why it is the best direct selling company in India. The company has also launched an initiative called ‘Shakti’ where they train and educate women the sales service and make them self-dependent and self-empowered.

Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd:

Another proud name in India, Vestige is a Delhi based MLM company that owns the Vestige brand.

Vestige was recognized because of its rapid growth in the market. the company was established in the year 2004.

The company produces products in the range of health supplements, air purifiers alongside Ayurveda, health food, home care, oral care, color cosmetics, and business tools.

By now, they have over 2500+ offline or online outlets in the country. They also have multiple international offices and distributors.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited:

Mi Lifestyle marketing global private limited has been a major name in the Indian direct selling companies.

It is a Chennai based popular MLM company in the country. It deals with a wide range of standard lifestyle products of day to day life.

The company works on a registered customer and a registered seller to buy or sell for the company and it is mandatory for all.

Being a customer or distributor is free of cost so you can register yourself as a distributor and get a discount on the products.


At present, 4Life is another famous MLM or network marketing company with a life reward plan with some of the highest payouts in the industry.

The company offers healthcare products. They offer supplements for the immune system, health and body transformation, and general wellness.

They offer very good perks to their distributors in terms of commissions, bonuses and many more.


Modicare is a company founded by K.K. Modi. It is a Delhi based company. Medicare has established itself well in the last few years in the country. Now they are a popular MLM company.

The company has something to offer in all the marketing fields apart from Tobacco and tea. They have an interest in Education, entertainment, cosmetics, salon, and fashion as well.


Here you have the best direct selling companies in India which you can rely upon. The companies offer better services and have an influence on the market and the customers.

Do share your experience with the companies with us and we would love to communicate with you.


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