e Kalyan Bihar Portal: Everything you Need to Know About

e Kalyan Bihar Portal

e Kalyan Bihar portal is a portal that is being operated by the end of the Bihar government, that helps the student know about the relevant information that is here for the students so that they can get relevant information regarding the scholarships and much more. In order to develop the future of the students, the Bihar Government has opened this portal. Here are the benefits of using the e Kalyan Bihar portal. Besides that, the article has also listed a list of scholarships that are being provided by the portal for the students. These are practical solutions for the students to get scholarships at their fingertips. 

What scholarships are being provided on the e Kalyan Bihar portal? 

  • Chief Minister Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Hostel Grant Scheme
  • Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Civil Service Incentive Scheme
  • Mukhyamantri Backward Class and Very Backward Class Hostel Grant Scheme
  • Extremely Backward Classes Civil Service Incentive Scheme 
  • CM Minority Hostel Grant Scheme
  • Bihar Chief Minister Kanya Utthan Yojana

What is the application process for e Kalyan Bihar Portal?

In order to perform the login procedure for the e Kalyan Bihar portal, the student has to take care of these steps. These are the easy steps so that anyone can be able to perform the steps and get a chance to get monetary support from the end of the government. Here are the steps that are needed to be followed by them. 

  • At first, the student has to navigate to the official website of the e Kalyan Bihar portal. 
  • You need to open the link to the Student Registration option 
  • Now, the student has to registration button to complete the registration procedure
  • Provide all of the necessary information 
  • After meeting them, you will be able to get your registration Id and password.
  • Once you log in, you will be able to see the online application form.
  • You need to fill them out. 

What are the necessary documents? 

  • All academic certificates and results 
  • Income certificate
  • Residential certificate
  • Aadhar card number 

What are the benefits of using the e Kalyan Bihar Portal?

Here are all of the helpfulness that you can gather from the end of the Kalyan Vihar Portal. This is a portal that can be helpful for you.

  • Effortless accessibility towards the scholarship information

Students of the Bihar state will be able to get accessibility to the scholarship program. Students will be able to know about the scholarships that are available in Bihar and whether they are exceptionally eligible to take the scholarship or not. In just one click, students will be able to see which scholarship program will be preferable for them. On that note, this is denoted as one of the top programs that can be used in this situation. Students searching for scholarship programs can easily visit this platform and see the best-in-class efforts that are available here. 

  • Hassle-free submission

Students will also be able to get the hassle-free submission of the forms. Everything will be gathered automatically, and the student does not have to make any effort while searching for the hassle-free submission. This factor is also going to be the foremost reason for which anyone can take help from this portal. You will be able to make a faster submission for the form, and there will be no delay while you are going to submit it. This is a submission that can also help you out to get the scholarship even from the comfort of your house. 

  • Paperless

The procedure to apply for the e Kalyan Bihar portal is a completely paperless procedure. Here students do not have to show extra papers for the enrollment; the procedure will be paperless as a result, the whole procedure will be paperless. When you choose the portal, you will be able to make a paperless submission for all of the scholarship programs and even from the comfort of your house. 


Here is all the necessary information you should know while applying for the e Kalyan Bihar portal. This will also be an all-in-one website that can help you get all of the necessary information related to the scholarship program of Bihar. When you are going to apply for the scholarship with all of the necessary information, you should know that you have all of the necessary documents with you. These are the documents that are easily accessible for you. When you are able to complete a successful application, you will be able to get the scholarship program in this situation.

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