How to Celebrate Diwali with Your Corporate Family?

Celebrate Diwali

Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals in India, celebrated by millions of people. It is also one of the favourites of many people celebrating it worldwide. Diwali is considered the festival of lights, warding off darkness from our lives and celebrating the new beginnings in one’s life. It brings people together, forging new bonds besides strengthening old relations.

The exchange of gifts on Diwali has become an important part of the celebration nowadays. Whether it be your family members, friends, soulmates, or your employees and clients, exchanging gifts has now become a sort of tradition on Diwali.

Employees are essential assets to one’s business. In festivals like Diwali, it is vital for us to gift our employees and clients in order to make them feel valued and appreciated. This also motivates the employees to contribute more to the growth of your business. Showering them with gifts and goodies on festivals, special occasions, and on their birthdays makes them feel special and shows your appreciation towards them.

10 Best Digital Diwali Gift Ideas for Your Corporate Family

While gifting your family and friends on festivals and special occasions is a common practice, gifting your employees and clients is on trend nowadays. Not only are they trendy, but they also act as tokens of appreciation. When gifting to our family and friends, we have a plethora of options to choose from, but when it comes to choosing gifts for our corporate family, we fall short of ideas. In this article, we have brought you some great Diwali gift ideas for corporates.

1] Workdesk Essentials Combo

Your employees spend a considerable amount of time in their workplace. So, a combo of work desk essentials will be very meaningful to them. You can include pens, notepads, and desk organizers in the hamper. This will help them to organize their working place in an efficient manner and enjoy their work as well.

2] Gadgets

Gadgets like smartwatches, mini speakers, tablets, etc. make for a very classy gift hamper. They make for a perfect gift for your employees and clients alike. Gadgets are one of the most favourite items of today’s generation. They will truly appreciate your choice of gifts, and it will also make them feel valued.

3] Customized and Personalized Goodies

Customized and personalized goodies are also a perfect choice for corporate gifts. You can curate a hamper consisting of planners, journals with your employees’ names written on them, and pens with names engraved on them. If you want to make this hamper more special, you can also add coffee mugs, chocolates, and other goodies to make it more special.

4] Box of Assorted Chocolates

Boxes of assorted chocolates are the safest gifting option if you have nothing in mind. You can combine different types of chocolates in a box and can make delightful chocolate hampers,  It can include dark chocolates, vegan chocolates, milk chocolates, handmade chocolates, and dry fruits coated with chocolates. They make for a perfect hamper for employees and clients.

5] Digital Photo Frames

The pictures carry thousands of emotions, and what can be better than to gift digital photo frames to your employees? These digital photo frames can be kept on their workstations which can be used to keep the photos of their loved ones and dear ones. This will motivate them to work harder, ultimately making growth in your business.

6] Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are another great option to gift your corporate family. You can gift them gift vouchers of a certain amount that allows them to buy things that they like or want. The gift vouchers can be from brands that you can collaborate with. to get discounts and offers in the future. It will help you to gift your employees as well as create a relationship with another company.

7] OTT Subscriptions

Who doesn’t like to watch web series or movies? OTT subscriptions can be beneficial to your employees and clients as they can watch their favourite shows in their leisure time. This is a unique gift option that will surely cheer up your corporate family.

8] Online Courses

Online courses are another great option to motivate your employees. You can buy them online courses to enhance their skills further. This will be beneficial to you, and your employees both as their enhanced skills will be helpful in your business growth as well.

9] E-Books Subscription

You can gift your employees and clients the subscription to E-Books instead of OTT subscriptions. E-books are becoming more popular nowadays than physical books because of the less storage and less maintenance that is involved with them. E-books contain books from every genre, which will help your employees in enriching their knowledge.

10] Indian Sweets Hamper

No Indian festival is complete without Indian sweets. Sweets laden with desi ghee and sugar syrup give us nostalgia taking us back to our childhood. Sweets like Kaju katli, motichoor ladoo, gulab jamun, etc. make for a perfect gift hamper to give to your clients and employees.

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