How to create a YouTube Channel to Earn Money Online?

How to create a YouTube Channel

The time has changed, clocks have taken a little more pace than they used to have five decades back and of course, modern technology definitely has a say into it. In this fast-paced world, it’s not so easy to survive with complete satisfaction and harmony.

We always wanted to make our tasks easier and now we have reached a stage where we need to give negligible efforts to do any task compared to the efforts we got to do in the 19th century. Things happen on a click and we get a good amount of free time that we utilize for our entertainment. Yes, these days, entertainment is considered to be one of the finest business plans.

People are engaged in entertainment as they have never been to any other task. They seem to be devoted to the personalities linked to the world of entertainment. Entertainment is ruling the online business world. One of the best entertainment hubs on the internet is YouTube.

It is not only a center where you can spend your free time, get entertained, have a few moments of a laugh on some comedies but it is also mean to earn money and have a livelihood. Youtube does not only contain entertainment videos. It is also a platform used for the purpose of educational data transfers.

You can easily learn any kind of course or subject on YouTube. Now the very first question we get into our mind is; how to make money from YouTube? Well before we learn the answer to this question, we need to know how to create a youtube channel?

How to Create a YouTube Channel?

It is no tough task. You can easily make a channel on YouTube. Here all you need is a laptop or a mobile phone and a Gmail account.

  1. When you open YouTube in any browser, there you find an option to sign-in on the top right of the page. Go there and sign in to your Gmail account which will be then linked to your YouTube account.
  2. Once you sign in to YouTube, you need to click on the user icon which is available at the same spot on the top right of the screen.
  3. Once there, click on the gear icon which is a symbol similar to the icon we get for settings menu on our mobile phones. This will lead us to the account’s YouTube setting.
  4. There you will find an option to create a new channel. After that, choose “Use a business or other name”.
  5. After that, add the name of your channel that you want and finally click on the create button. Well Done. The channel is already.

Now what? How to earn money from YouTube? What are the basic rules? What gives us more dollars and what can take us down?

Well, rules are simple on the hand of YouTube but it is a quite difficult task for us to bring some content that can make us money and can also entertain our audience. Well, the very basic two rules published by YouTube to get your channel monetized are:

  1. A minimum of 1000 subscribers on your channel.
  2. A minimum of 4000 hours of views from your channel.

Once you fulfill these two conditions, you can register your channel for monetization.  On YouTube, you can earn money in several different ways. You can earn from ads on your channel and also by promoting some products in your video. You can do affiliate marketing in the description of the video.

On YouTube, there is no limitation regarding the niche of the video you are going to upload. You can upload a poem, a stand-up comedy, a funny clip, your song, an educational lecture. Even you can make one video about “how to make money on YouTube?”.

If you are working on YouTube videos, remember these points.

  1. YouTube doesn’t pay for views. It pays for the number of clicks and views on the ads on your video.
  2. You must have the copyright of the video you upload.
  3. A number of subscribers do not affect your earning by YouTube. But more subscribers bring more views and more clicks on the ads. So this way, more subscribers help to earn more but they don’t increase your pay.
  4. YouTube has two features. One is “cost per click” and the other is “cost per view”. In cost per click, the advertiser pays for the number of clicks, not the number of times the ad has been viewed. And in the other case, they pay if the ad is seen for 30 seconds or more no matter if they click on it or not, they got to pay the same.

With all this knowledge, you are ready to go ahead with the YouTube videos. So go and explore the technical world.

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