How to Integrate Instagram in WordPress Website

integrate Instagram on your Wordpress website

WordPress is the most popular and hybrid website development platform. WordPress provides features to use plenty of themes and plugins to create amazing and attractive websites. So WordPress has the amazing feature of integration of the online services on the website with the help of plugins. To justify this feature in this context we will guide you on how you can integrate Instagram into your WordPress Website.

Before going in deep let’s talk about Instagram. Instagram is the most leading social media platform, that allows the user to upload their photos and videos on the internet. If you have a huge following on Instagram then you can’t imagine how much you can gain benefits. So what about if you can connect your Instagram on your website so that you can gain more followers, likes and engagements on your profile.

Let’s take a look at how you can integrate Instagram on your WordPress website in just four and simple ways, so now get started without wasting any more time.

1. Show Your Instagram Feed in Your WordPress Post

Are you active on Instagram and want to share your content on Instagram then you should follow this step? You have noticed on some websites that only follow button and follower count are showing, but what about if you are also able to show your content on your website? Yes, this is possible with the help of the WD plugin.

  • Install and activate the WD plugin.
  • Then you will see the new tab on your WP dashboard with the name “Instagram WD Feed”.
  • Click that option and go to settings.
  • For using this plugin you first need to authorize yourself by signing with your Instagram and access token.
  • After this click on the corresponding button and click on the Save button once you are done.
  • Select the Feed tab and click Add new, few built-in styles will show on your screen. Choose any style according to your needs.
  • Configure further settings and then click on the Save button. After this go to the post or page where you want to integrate Instagram. Once the post’s editor is loaded you will see the new option adjacent to Add Media
  • Select that option, choose the post from your Instagram feed, then click on the Insert option. After you can check the preview or click on the Save button. The feed will show on your post

2. Show your Instagram Feed in your Website Widgets

Sometimes the Instagram feed in the post looks odd, so for more efficiency, you can show your Instagram feed in the widgets. The WD plugin lets you show your Instagram feed in the widgets, so you don’t need to install any other plugin if you can do it with the current plugin.

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Let’s suppose you have already activated the plugin on your dashboard for the procedure of how to install and activate the plugin just simply click here. Then click on the appearance located on the left sidebar of the dashboard, then click on widgets. You will see the WD plugin widgets and then drag them to where you want to show your feeds. After that choose the style of the feed and which feed you want to show on the WP widget. Then click on the Save button. Now go to the website to refresh the page your Instagram feed will show on your selected location.

3. Show Instagram photos automatically by using hashtags on the WP website

This is a really amazing way to display Instagram photos on the WordPress website. For this, you need an account of IFTTT (If This Then That),  a WordPress website, and an Instagram profile. The WordPress website and Instagram account are compulsory for achieving this method.

The IFTTT account lets you content several apps on your website just you can connect blogs on your website for automatic blogging, similarly, you can connect the Instagram account with your WordPress website and IFTTT will show the Instagram photos on your website automatically.

Once you sign up in the IFTTT account then log in to the account, after that you need to add your WordPress website and Instagram account as a channel, then after this choose the hashtags related you want to show the photos on your website. After all, is done, click on the Save button. This is a simple way but yes somehow time-consuming.

4. Instagram Integration with Zapier

Zapier is the tool that allows us to integrate Instagram with our WordPress website like the IFTTT. Actually, in zapier we can find more and accurate functionalities as we find in the previous steps. The method is very simple and easy, you first need to create your account in zapier for free and login into your account. After this connect your WordPress website and Instagram account with zapier. For this, you need to click on the menu at the top right of the screen, and then click on connected account options.

Once you connect both accounts then back to the homepage and explore the existing apps. Click on the Instagram icon, then scroll down a little bit you will see the section of Popular Zaps for Instagram. Add new tag media on Instagram to WP website Integration, after a click on the button use this zap file and configure other settings also choose the hashtags for showing related Instagram photos.


Well, the integration of Instagram on the WordPress website is very easy, you just need to follow the simple steps and you will be able to integrate Instagram on your WordPress website in an efficient manner. Nowadays for brands and businesses Instagram is very important, you should have at least an Instagram account because you can gain lots of clients and traffic from Instagram. If you have an Instagram account then try to connect it to your website for more engagements. There is no extended knowledge required for it, just follow our guidelines.

A quick recap of the article

  • Insertion of Instagram feed in Post or page
  • Display of Instagram feed in WP widgets.
  • Show Instagram photos automatically on WordPress.
  • Integrate Instagram on WordPress website using Zapier
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