How to Make Your Wife Happy and Keep Conflicts Away?

How to Make Your Wife Happy

It is said, “Happy Wife, Happy Life”. Any husband will agree to this adage. As a husband, you may think that a wife needs money and luxurious comforts to live a happy married life. While this is logical to think, a wife’s true happiness comes from her husband’s support, respect, and care. 

Of what use are these luxuries if you keep fighting with her all the time? Of what use are they if you start having conflicts with her? Will she remain happy? Certainly not! The key to keep her happy is to learn to bring harmony amidst conflicts. Here are some easy tips for doing so:

Become Friends

Become friends for life! Husband and wife live a happy married life when they treat each other as friends instead of treating your wife as a subordinate. Remember, no one likes to be dominated! Similarly, no girl chooses to be a wife just to get ruled by the husband. 

When you become your wife’s best friend, it means you have stopped controlling or overtaking her in various matters. After all, friends never control each other but help each other grow personally, psychologically, socially, and even spiritually. 

Appreciate Her

This is perhaps the simplest key to make your wife happy. When she does something good, may it be a very small achievement, tell her, “You have a great job! I really adore you for what you have done.” 

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If she has done something wrong or committed a mistake, instead of demotivating, scolding, or criticizing her, try to explain what is right and wrong as if you are convincing a child. Tell her, “It’s okay, as it can happen even by me. We, together, will mend it!” Such words truly express your care and support for her. 

Devalue Difference of Opinions or Conflicts

This is an essential tip for ensuring harmony in marriage. You are likely to have a difference of opinion with your wife. However, you need to understand that your wife is likely to have a viewpoint different from yours for a given situation. With this understanding, you will never have a conflict lasting for over five minutes. 

This is because you now know why the difference is. As the cause is known, you can then try to analyze the pros and cons of your’s and her viewpoints by being fair and transparent. Finally, instead of fighting and abusing, you will come to a mutually agreed viewpoint. With such a logical approach, you escape the risk of hurting your wife through thoughts, words, and actions. 

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, a spiritual master, has revealed a key to avoid conflicts, which is to adjust everywhere. For example, if your wife has a better suggestion, just accept it and accordingly proceed. In case you disagree, explain to her why you disagree but avoid insisting that you are right and she is wrong. Never ever play this blame game.

If still there is a disagreement, take a break and tell her, “Let’s think on it individually and resolve it after some time.” Finally, if you still disagree, let your wife try implementing her suggestion after you warning her of the consequences. Give her this liberty! If something goes wrong, tell her, “Do not worry. I had cautioned you at that time, but I will save you and mend things for you this time. I am with you!”

If you have a better suggestion and your wife disagrees, try to convince her instead of insisting on following it. At no point should you insist on anything or dominate her if you want her to be happy. 

Make Her Feel That We Are One! 

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, a spiritual master, has given a key to staying united! According to Him, a married couple should say together, “We are one, and there is no difference in us”. Both of you should repeat this five times every morning. 

At times, you can also say, “I do not like being away from you.” This is how you should express your love and care towards your wife to live a happy married life. 

Respect Her Family

It does not suffice to respect your wife. It would be best if you also respect your wife’s parents, siblings, and other family members. Remember, if you do so, your family will also get the same treatment from her. 

Establish Trust and Loyalty

Once you have given the lifetime commitment of being with her at the time of marriage, you must be 100% loyal to your wife. Do not even think of someone else apart from her. If you do so, remember that you are making your wife unhappy and binding terrible karmas that will give you tremendous suffering. The latter part is true even if your wife is unaware of this breach. 

Avoid Inviting the Workplace Stress to Home

Once you leave your office to reach home, do not carry any work-related problems and related stress in your mind. Instead, leave these issues at the workplace and then step into your home. In other words, do not enter with a stressful mind. 

Stop Arguing

Just a single bout of arguments can be powerful enough to break your relationship. However, it is not worth looking at good or bad, right or wrong, when dealing with your wife. Whatever works is good and what does not work is bad. The key thing is to live life without any conflicts. 

If you feel that an argument is going to ignite, just cool down and stop the discussion immediately. Even if you have to lose $200, lose it but do not allow arguments to occur. This is because it can then easily lead to tension, worries, discord, abhorrence, and hatred for your wife. 


Your wife is your soulmate. As you are her partner for life, you need to make every effort to make sure your relationship is in harmony. Working each day consistently to be the best possible husband will ultimately make your wife happy.

You can even take a spiritual approach to live a happy married life. This is the approach of acquiring Self-Realization through which you know who you are. You are a husband of your wife in this materialistic world, but, in reality, you are a pure soul! This is what you experience through Akram Science, the step-less path to Self-Realization.

So, how this helps in keeping your wife happy? Without performing any rituals or leaving your family, you realize your Self. Although you have the responsibility of your wife or/and children, you will feel liberated from all sufferings and negative emotions. This will keep you consistently peaceful and boost your understanding power. With this power, you will start understanding every aspect of your wife’s personality. 

Once this happens, it will be easy to handle any situation lovingly and keep her happy always. When you study your wife’s personality, you can recognize her likes and dislikes, her way of looking at life and thinking, and her opinions. This enables you to act wisely to avoid conflicts. 

With Akram Science and the above marriage tips, the ball will be in your court!


Author Bio:

Pujya Deepakbhai Desai – He is the current head of the Dada Bhagwan Foundation and is the author & editor of books by Dada Bhagwan.

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