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iTop PDF

Because of its mobility, security, compactness, and adaptability, the Portable Document Format (PDF) has quickly become one of the most widely used electronic formats. PDFs make it possible to combine many types of content compromising readability, such as text, graphics, and video. In addition, PDF documents maintain their layout regardless of the operating system, the device used, or the PDF reader installed.

However, it is not easy to edit a PDF or convert a PDF to PNG, Word, or other file formats. People always need a professional PDF software in order to manipulate it. There are some outstanding tools, but free and paid. If you are not a heavy PDF user, a lightweight PDF program will best suit your needs.

Fortunately, the PDF software developed by iTop is such a kind of software. Now let’s get to know it and view its top features to see why it’s a superb PDF tool.

Get to Know iTop PDF

A boundless but user-friendly PDF tool, iTop PDF enables you to read, edit, comment on, convert, and safeguard your PDF reports. You may create fantastic PDF reports by editing the content, adding text, images, and other comments, linking joins, regulating pages, changing your attractive stamp or watermark, etc. This isn’t only the best option for you. Additionally, a power converter can carry out the conversion flawlessly between PDF and a broad range of document formats including Word, PPT, Succeed, Picture, etc.

iTop PDF offers a wide range of editing tools that enable you to rapidly edit and revive your PDF. With the help of this standard PDF director programming, everything may be transformed much more clearly. Any objects may be moved, added, or changed, as well as connections and images. You may illustrate, explain, or stamp objects or words using iTop PDF.

Cool Features of iTop PDF

With its incredible features, iTop PDF can implement the best enhancements in any PDF. You may pack your PDF to any size with excellent quality and protect it with a strong password. And below are some outstanding features of this PDF software.

Free to use

Isn’t it enticing to find PDF editing software that’s completely free? The premium service offered by iTop PDF does not cost you anything more. You have the ability to alter any number of PDF files that you choose by utilizing full-featured PDF software like Adobe.

Revise all of the content, graphics, and links

The comprehensive set of editing tools provided by iTop PDF makes it much simpler to make changes to any and all PDF material. People are able to easily and quickly edit texts, images, and links, which increases the amount of work that can be done.

Make notes, drawings, and highlights

In addition to the core editing tool, iTop PDF also permits the addition of individual adjustments, which can make your PDF document more informational and one-of-a-kind. You have the option of adding a remark, drawing with lines or other forms, and highlighting a specific region.

Add or remove the watermark

Putting a watermark on your PDFs is a good way to prevent your documents from being copied or stolen. Users of PDFs will have an easier time determining the condition of your PDF content as a result of these watermarks, which are difficult to ignore once they have been applied.

Make a signature and sketch it out

The iTop PDF application makes it possible for you to generate and draw a digital signature in a manner that is unique to you, which increases the credibility of the PDF content you share. Electronic signatures have the potential to both save time and increase productivity.

Create numerous editable files from a single PDF document

In the meanwhile, the iTop PDF offers conversion from PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and images, among other formats. You can mix, divide, or split and combine PDF pages to create a new combination.

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Secure a PDF file

The next step, but certainly not the least important, is to encrypt the modified PDF files using a password so that they are only readable by the people with whom you wish to share them.

The Bottom Line

Given its best-in-class performance and features, iTop PDF is becoming incredibly well-known. It enables you to carry out all necessary PDF tasks and cycles, including splitting and merging PDF reports, packing PDF documents, and converting PDF records to various organizations and vice versa. It is not only a PDF reader and PDF editor but also a converter, compressor, and more.

Get this superb PDF tool from and start to manipulate any pdf document like a normal text file.

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