Kitchen Chimney Usage Precautions You Need to Follow

kitchen chimney

If you have just bought a new house and are decorating it or if you are redecorating your old home, in either case, you should seriously think about installing a kitchen chimney. A kitchen chimney is a highly useful appliance that will not only keep your kitchen clean but also healthy. For a detailed comparison on food processors, please have a look at our well-researched buying guide on the best kitchen chimneys in India. Installing a kitchen chimney is a great idea even without you redecorating your whole kitchen or your home. 

The kitchen chimneys come in various models. Many brands manufacture kitchen chimneys. You should do your research well to select the best kitchen chimney in India. All the vents have multiple features for different purposes. All the chimneys also have different suction power and different kinds of filters. You should buy a chimney which best suits your purpose.

A Kitchen chimney is a very sophisticated appliance with many components. You should install and use a kitchen chimney with utmost care; otherwise, it might prove to be a disadvantage.

The following are certain precautions you must take when you use a kitchen chimney: 

Careful handling of the kitchen chimney

When you finally buy a chimney, and it is delivered to you, you should make sure that the delivery is done correctly. Never accept the delivery when the box of the product is torn. If you see any holes or dents in the box, contact the seller. Secondly, make sure that the person delivering the chimney lifts the chimney with care. You should make sure that the chimney is not mishandled. 

Additionally, you should ensure that even after the chimney is delivered to you, it should not be unpacked before you want to install it. When you want to install it, it should be removed very carefully. Do not use any sharp instruments to remove the chimney from its packaging. Use cotton gloves for better safety of the product.

Installation of the kitchen chimney

Installation of the chimney is one of the most critical steps. If the installation is not done correctly, you might lose the manufacturer’s warranty for your kitchen chimney. Most of the manufacturers demand that the installation is done by their professionals to ensure the proper functioning. This will take some extra cost, but you will have the peace of mind that the installation is done without any glitch. 

Many models of kitchen chimneys come with the parts required for installation. However, sometimes you can buy these parts at an extra cost. If you are supposed to purchase any parts from outside, please buy it from the authorized dealer of the same company as the chimney. Components of different companies might be different, and that might create accidents. Even if you need an extra ducting over and above what is provided to you by the company, you should always buy it from the authorized dealer only. 

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A professional will ensure that the distance between your cooktop and your hood is 25-30 inches, but you should recheck it just in case there is a problem. The electrical work should have the best electrician from top companies like to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Never try to do any of the electrical work yourself. Ensure the exact voltage power for a better performance of the kitchen chimney. Sometimes it is not enough to have 2 phase connection. You might need a 3 phase connection for the proper use of your chimney. 

Ensure proper ventilation

A kitchen chimney is used to absorb the smoke and oil from the kitchen when you are cooking. It sucks the air powerfully from your kitchen. This air needs to be replaced by fresh air. A ducted chimney does not release any fresh air into the kitchen. A drought is created in the kitchen when the air is sucked in the ducted chimney. This drought can only be filled if there is an ample supply of fresh air from outside. Hence, you must open the window of the kitchen while using the chimney. You can also have any other source of ventilation as long as there is enough air. Proper ventilation is the key to proper cleaning of kitchen air.

Appropriate ducting

Appropriate ducting is a very important aspect of installing a chimney. Some companies give you duct pipes along with your purchase of the chimney while in others you have to buy extra ducting. Sometimes due to the short length of the duct provided you have to buy more. In a case where you have to buy ducting from outside ensure the quality of ducts is good by buying it from an authorized dealer. 

Also, the ducting should be of a minimum length, so that the noise made by the chimney is the least. Ducts should not have 90 degrees turns. This will increase the noise level. Use 45 degrees turns to give you optimum setting. Most importantly, the duct should not open into other smoke exhausting appliances. The ducting should open into a place where it is open to the sky with maximum ventilation. Otherwise, it will fail to work as it should.

Precautions while using the chimney

So after you have successfully installed the chimney, you can finally start using it. There are a number of precautions you should take while using the chimney daily. We will explain them to you here for your convenience:

  • After you have installed the chimney, make sure you switch on the chimney every time you use it. Some people tend to switch off the chimney on and off. This will lead to the collection of the grime of the hood of the chimney. The filters might also get jammed.
  • Never leave the burners on while the chimney is also on and there is nothing on the flame. The chimney will suck the flame, and the filters might catch fire before you know.
  • Never leave the frying pans unattended with the flame on. The oil in it might catch fire, and you might find yourself in trouble.
  • Clean the chimney regularly from inside and outside to increase its life. Also, a clean chimney will make much less noise and absorb the impurities better. Do not forget to empty and clean the oil collector box in your chimney from time to time.
  • Always call a professional if your chimney is not working properly.

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