Learn New Laundry Skills by Following These Tips

Laundry Skills

There is no getting away from laundry, right? Many of us have to do at least one load of laundry every day, if not more. And even though you’ve been doing it for years, maybe even decades, you may be noticing that you don’t always get the cleanest laundry. What happened? Here are some great new laundry skills you can learn below that will help make your laundry the cleanest and brightest!

  1. Choose the Right Detergent

Remember, all laundry soap is not created equal. We often choose laundry soap because it’s the cheapest brand or because it’s what our parents used. A powdered detergent, while generally cheaper, won’t dissolve as well in cold water. This can leave a white residue on clothes. A liquid detergent will dissolve much better in cold water; plus, it can be used to pretreat stains. If you are worried about using too much detergent, consider single-use pods and tablets.

  1. Choose the Right Water Temperature

The best way to get your clothes as clean as possible is to make sure the water temperature is right for the load. If you have delicate fabrics, clothes that could shrink, or colors that may bleed, always opt for cold water. Coldwater will also save you money in the long run by cutting down on utility costs. Hot water is best for white cotton, bedding, towels, and heavily stained clothes. For moderately dirty clothes, warm water will work fine.

  1. Cut Down on Detergent

We often mistakenly believe that more detergent is better. However, too much laundry detergent will create too many suds, trapping the soil on the clothes in the machine. You can usually get away with using much less on your laundry. For example, if your brand of detergent calls for one cup of soap, use half that amount. Check your clothes when they are done. Chances are, they will be just as clean. Plus, you’ll save money!

  1. Treat Stains Quickly

The faster you treat a stain on your clothing, the better it will come out. As soon as you can, take the garment and rinse it in cold water. You may also want to let it soak in cold water for a bit before it goes in the wash. Use a stain remover, being careful not to damage the fabric. Finally, throw it in the wash. Before you dry it, make sure the stain is gone. You don’t want to accidentally set the stain with the heat from the dryer. If the stain is still visible, soak the garment in cold water again and repeat the process.

  1. Stop the Fading Process

Clothes can be an expensive purchase. No one wants the colors to fade every time the outfit goes through the wash, right? One easy trick for dark clothes is to turn them inside-out before they go through the cycle. This keeps fading, as well as wear and tear from the machine to a minimum. The longer the colors stay, the better your clothes will look!

  1. Keep White Clothes Brighter

You may have started to notice that your white clothes are turning a dingy grayish color. One tip is to make sure your water temperature is hot enough to get all of the dirt and grime out of the clothes. You could also be overloading your washing machine, causing other dirty clothes to leave a residue on your white garments. Make sure your washing machine is not overfilled when you want clean, bright whites.

  1. Take Care of Delicates

Sure, it’s easy to throw your delicate bras and underwear in with a larger load. Who has time for separate loads? You do if you want your delicate clothes to last longer while holding their shape! Your best bet is to wash bras and other delicates by hand in cold water. However, you can wash them in the washing machine by tossing them into a mesh lingerie bag first. Put your machine on the gentle cycle, set the temperature to cold, and then hang everything up to air dry.

When you need the proper laundry hygiene Australia tips, we’re here to help. Follow the tips above to make sure your laundry gets as clean as possible.


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