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Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia, straddling both the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It is home to the largest Muslim population in the world, which may surprise many people. Westerners may associate the country with beaches, untouched forests, and vibrant flora and fauna, and they are not wrong. However, when you visit Jakarta, Surabaya, or Bandung, you will be greeted with skyscrapers and traffic.

Indonesia is also home to shopping malls with not just retail shops, restaurants, and grocery stores but a temporary refuge from the humidity outside. Since the country is sitting on the equator, the temperature can soar up to the high 30s Centigrade. The establishments offer several activities, such as the arcade shop, locally known as Tempat hiburan keluarga.

If it is your first time to an arcade, here are some things you should remember:

  1. Do not go over your budget — Playing arcades can be addicting since they release dopamine in your brain—a feel-good chemical—which can get you a feeling of a high or a rush. While you may be tempted to spend the entire day at the arcade, that is the quickest way to blow your budget. Before going to the arcade game, set a budget, and stick to it. You might get frustrated that you did not finish your game, but it would be more frustrating to find that your wallet is already empty.
  2. Manage your time — The most popular games often would have a long queue of players waiting for their turn. If you line up with them, you will waste a lot of your time. You do not even have a guarantee that they would give up their game. Some players love to hog the machine, and they have unlimited credits, so you would really wait for the whole day and not get your turn. A trick is to play another machine but keep your favourite title in your peripheral vision always. It ensures that you can switch immediately when the opportunity presents itself. But if you really want to play the most in-demand game, you can visit the arcade early in the morning. School days are also perfect because there are fewer kids around.
  3. Keep an open mind — Most arcade gamers stick to the game they are familiar with or excellent at. But you should also try out the other titles to see if you like them. You just might find that playing a game you do not know is more challenging than consistently hitting the high score on your favourite game.
  4. Keep your eye on the prize — Arcade games have plenty of prizes with varying points requirements. You can get a knick-knack for a few points or save your tickets for that item you have been eyeing. It may take a few visits, but chances are, you will go home with the prized item if you remain patient.

Indeed, if you follow the tips above, you can now maximise your experience and fully understand why the arcade is known as Tempat hiburan keluarga.

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