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national symbols of india

National Symbols of India: The national symbols of any country represent the identity and the elements of that nation. So, like any other country, the national emblems of India also represent the identity and the elements of India. So, here is a list of all the national symbols of India that everyone should know.

First and foremost, the national flag and the National Emblem of India is known as tiranga

Tiranga means tricolour, and the national flag of India is also known as tricolour. The top colour that is the saffron colour represents sacrifice, which the soldiers have made and the patriotism which they have shown. In the middle of the flag, the white colours represent truth and peace along with the white colour, and there is an Ashoka Chakra in the centre. And lastly, the green colour, which is at the bottom, represents life and prosperity.

The National Emblem of India

The national emblem of India is an adoption of the lion capital of Ashoka at Sarnath. The national emblem features four Asiatic lions. This emblem symbolizes power, courage, confidence. At the bottom of the emblem, there is a horse and a bull, and there is chakra in between, which is known as the Dharma Chakra.

The National Anthem of India

Rabindranath Tagore composed the national anthem of India. The national anthem of India is known as Jana Gana Mana. It takes about fifty-two seconds to sign the national anthem. The national anthem was composed in the Bengali language, which is known as Sadhu Bhasa.

Jana gana mana adhinaayak jaya hai
Bhaarat bhagya vidhaata
Panjaab, sindh, gujraat, maraatha
Draavid utkal banga
Vindya, himaachal, yamuna, ganga
Utchchhal jaldhi taranga
Tab shubh naame jaage
Tab shubh aashish maage
Gaahe tab jay gaatha
Jana gana mangal daayak jay he
Bhaarat bhagya vidhaata
Jaya hey…, Jaya hey…, Jaya hey…
Jaya jaya jaya jaya hey…

Let’s discuss the national symbols like currency, the national emblem, and the national pledge of India.

The National Currency of India, also known as the Indian Rupee

The rupee is the official currency, and it is regulated and controlled by the reserve bank of India. In the year 2010, the new symbol of the Indian rupee was adopted officially, and furthermore, it came into circulation in the month of July on 8th in 2011.

The National Pledge of India

The national pledge of India is taken as an oath of allegiance in the school and is recited during the celebration of independence and republic day. The composer of the national pledge of India is Pydimarri Venkata Subba.

Bharat mera desh hai.
Sab bharatvasi mere bhai-bahan hai.
Main apne desh se prem kerta hu.
Iski Samriddhi ewam vividha sanskriti per mughe gerv hai.
Main sada iska Suyogya adhikari banne ka pryatan kerta rahunga.
Main apne mata pita, shikshon aur gurujano ka samman karunga aur pratek ke sath vinit rahunga.
Main apne desh aur deshwasio ke prati satyanistha ki pratigya kerta hu.
Inke Kalyaan aur samriddhi me hi mera sukh nihit hai.

The National symbols like Animal, river, tree, bird, flower, aquatic animal, and lastly, the National vegetable of India.

The National River is known as the Ganges

The river Ganges is the most sacred river for Hindus and is also the national river of India. The Ganges is the longest river in India and is also the home of the endangered dolphins known as the endangered Ganges river dolphins.

The National Flower of India is the Indian Lotus

One of the most beautiful species of the aquatic plant community, the Indian Lotus, is cultivated in the water gardens. The Indian Lotus takes up a unique position in the mythology and the art of ancient India.

The National Fruit of India is known as Mango

The tastiest and most edible fruit in India is Mango, Mango being the national fruit of India. India is the home to more than 100 varieties of Mangos. The Mango fruit is found in nature as well as in the wild.

The National Tree of India is the Indian Banyan

The national tree of India the banyan tree is a native tree in the subcontinent of India. The banyan tree is one of the largest trees in the World. The Thimmamma Marrimanu is one of the largest banyan tree specimens in the World is located in Andhra Pradesh.

The National Animal of India is the Bengal Tiger

Ranked amongst the biggest cats in the World, the Royal Bengal tiger is the national animal of India. India has the largest number of Bengal tigers in the World, and the estimated population of Bengal tiger in India is about 3,890 in numbers.

The National Bird of India is the Indian Peacock

The national bird of India is the Indian Peacock, also known as the Indian Peafowl, which is famous in the world because of its long feathers and its dance before the rain. The Indian peacock is found in the lowland and the drier areas of India. The Indian peacock is the resident breeder all across the subcontinent of India.

National Aquatic Animal of India is the Ganges River Dolphin

The Indian government declared the Ganges river dolphin to be the National Aquatic Animal of India. This Dolphin is also the city animal of Guwahati. The Ganges River Dolphin also is known as the South Asian River Dolphin, is primarily found in Yamuna, Ganges, Brahmaputra, Chambal river, and in their Tributaries.

What is the national aquatic, amphibian and the national reptile of India?

  • The National Aquatic bird of India is the Kingfisher bird.
  • The national amphibians of India are the Purple Frog.
  • The gharial is the national aquatic reptile of India.

The National Reptile of India is the King Cobra

The National Reptile of India is King Cobra. King Cobra is endemic in India and Southeast Asia. King Cobra is the sole member of its genus, and it is also known as the World’s longest venomous snake. The maximum length of the King Cobra is 18.8ft.

The National Heritage Animal of India is the Indian Elephant

The native to mainland Asia, the Indian elephant, is the National Heritage Animal of India. The Indian elephant is listed as an endangered species, and they are being threatened by habitat loss, degradation, and Fragmentation.

What is the National Game of India?

It has been very commonly said that the national Game of India is Hockey, and some other people assume that it is cricket. But till now the Indian government hasn’t declared any game to be the National Game of India.

What is the National Vegetable of India?

It’s not official but the national vegetable of India must be the Indian Pumpkin and the Brinjal. The Indian pumpkin and brinjal are cooked in almost each n every household. But the recipes and the style of cooking is very different and it ranges from state to state.


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