5 Reasons you Should Use Influencer Marketing for your Brand

Influencer Marketing

There has been a surge in businesses adopting influencer marketing to help grow their brand, in recent years. According to Oberlo, 93% of businesses have used influencer marketing in one way, shape or form. That means only 7% of businesses in total have yet to try it out. No wonder global influencer marketing agency are constantly busy. If you are part of the 7%, here are the:

5 reasons you should hop on the influencer marketing bandwagon and join the other side.

1. It builds trust with your audience

In the world of influencer marketing, trust is crucial. If a consumer trusts you, they are more likely to buy from your brand. Unlike traditional advertising methods, which can take a while to build up trust, influencers can persuade their followers to trust you from the get-go.

In a landscape where only 4% of people trust advertising, influencers are an essential marketing tool for brands looking to gain the trust of their target audience. In fact, influencers are so trusted that people choose to instill the same level of trust in them as they do in their close friends. But why is this?

It’s because these people see their favorite influencers as authentic, due to having the same interests and views as them. People simply gravitate to those they feel best represent them. They feel that their similarity means that the influencer has their best interests at heart, and, therefore, can trust their purchase recommendations.

2. Helps you reach a niche audience

An influencers community is built around a shared interest. Their audience follows them because they want to see a specific type of content; the one the influencer produces. This means there are audiences out there devoted to certain niches; providing a highly profitable opportunity for your business.

An influencer’s niche is their USP. They know that they will have people come to them looking for something specific. Some of these people will then go on to stick around as loyal followers and will be more likely to purchase anything their influencer recommends.

Top Tip: when choosing an influencer, don’t just think you’re the perfect match because their niche matches what you are selling. You need to ensure that their ethos and values align with your brand’s.

3. Influencers can generate quality leads

As previously mentioned, an influencer’s following mostly consists of people who are interested in their niche, content, and opinions. Due to this, there is a high chance that your brand’s message will resonate with these people and lead to conversions. In fact, 50% of marketers reported better quality leads through influencer marketing. So people hire a global influencer marketing agency

4. Improve your SEO

Just when you thought the power of the influencer was limited, influencers can also improve your ranking on search engines like Google. This is because they are able to generate more inbound links to your website; improving your link profile overall. Even many global influencer marketing agencies have noticed it.

5. Build brand awareness

One of the greatest benefits of influencer marketing is that it builds brand awareness. Social media is one of the most competitive places to be and with millions of brands fighting for the spotlight, you must do all you can to stand out. Luckily, influencer marketing can give you advantages above the rest. When you collaborate with influencers, you cut through the noise. Even all the global influencer marketing agencies try that their brand awareness through influencer marketing

An influencer’s true power lies in their ability to attract your target audience without bombarding them with over-salesy content or anything lackluster.

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