Should You Buy and Use a Cat Harness?

Cat Harness

Whether you think it is a good idea to take your cat for walks and get a harness and leashes depends on your cat.

If your moggy is outgoing and seems to take most things in its stride, then it’s worth a try it. But if your cat is one that hides under the bed at the slightest change to its routine, it’s not to be recommended.

Once you have made the decision and determined to leap then you do need to train your cat to enjoy walking on the leash. If you have a cat who looks good for a walk — or you have a young kitten who can be raised to accept walking as part of its normal routine, then get yourself the best cat harness.

Introduce the Harness Slowly

Cat harnesses are a must because cats can easily slip out of a collar. The thing should be introduced to your cat very slowly. You will need a lot of treats and plenty of praise. When your cat appears to be comfortable wearing its harness, start with a short walk. Again, have treats and give lots of praise.

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Walking a cat is about accompanying a cat while it wanders about. It’s a good idea to begin in the home until your cat is used to the idea. When the cat appears to be accepting both the harness and the leash, then you can graduate to exploring your own outside space.

Taking Cats Out on Walks With the Harness

Soon it will be time to go for a real adventure. Make sure the places you choose to walk are unlikely to contain any dogs, especially if they are loose! If there’s any chance your cat may come across another cat while out walking, it’s advisable to ensure your cat is up to date with all the necessary vaccinations. A good talk with your veterinarian is recommended. He or she will be able to tell you about the best ways to protect your cat from any diseases that may be lurking in the outside world.

It’s unlikely you and your cat will ever engage in any long nature hikes. What you should expect is walking a maximum of a couple of streets in either direction from your home. The alternative is to jump in the car. But this is bound to present an entirely different set of challenges unless of course, you have a cat that is already OK with being put in a carrier and taken on a car ride.

Other Options

Are there other options to the cat wearing a harness? It’s common for many cats not to like being walked. A lot of the harnesses and their leashes that are bought often turn up as safety devices that stop cats from escaping when you’re heading somewhere like to the local veterinarian.

They have been spotted on more than one cat traveling by air with their owners as carry-on luggage. It’s a good idea to stop your cat from getting loose.

Of course, there is a strong chance that your cat will be more than happy never to see a harness, much less wear one.


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