5 Tips for Your Global Marketing Strategy

Global Marketing Strategy

As a business owner, your dream may be world domination. Or at least global success.

A killer marketing strategy is the first step to taking your business to new audiences, but how can you make your brand appeal to the rest of the world?

Here are 5 tips to get started.

1. Understand the global audience

As with any type of marketing, the goal is to show the audience why they need your product. Of course, that need may be different for people in other countries. Your business messaging needs to resonate with different audiences if you want to succeed, so you’ll need to do plenty of research to get started.

When looking into the global audience, you need to understand who is currently buying from you and why. Next, look at the demographics of current customers (age, gender, job title, language, etc.). You can also consider their interests both within work and out. Finally, think about what job your product or service completes for these different audience groups. If you can solve a problem for another audience in a different country, you’ll open the doors to endless possibilities.

With a clear idea as to what your new audience is like, you’ll be able to plan the perfect marketing approach accordingly.

2. Localize

While you might not at first think this is key to globalization, it’s actually a pretty major part. People prefer to buy products and services from brands in their country or location as with the US. In addition, approximately 72.1% of consumers visit sites in their mother-tongue language or a site with translation services available.

If you really want to take on the world, you need to create local landing pages in the right languages. But it’s more than just throwing your current content into Google Translate. By using a language service provider, experts will be able to take local references, humor, and key terminology and translate it properly for the new audience. That way, the personality of your brand stays intact.

3. Perfect your messaging

Without a clear outline of your business and what you stand for, you’ll struggle to create global success.

Take things back to your original business plan to recapture was your purpose and vision were. Then, if these have slightly changed, think about what your new purpose is going forward.

With clarity of your purpose, you can then create a tagline or summary of your business. Creating a single tagline will help you to translate your messaging universally. If Nike can do it, so can you!

4. Design with translation in mind

Everything from your newsletters to your webinars and Instagram videos should be designed with translation in mind. You’ll need to keep the same mix of marketing materials for each campaign for each market or country but add your own local twist.

You might not realize, but colors and images can portray different messages or emotions in different countries. Translations could also impact the space required for the full text – changing the design of your asset entirely. That means you need to ensure that translation is at the forefront of all design, rather than it being a last-minute thought.

5. Automate

To scale your business, you need automation. For example, investing in translation technology or services can help to significantly improve your ROI across the globe.

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