Tips How to Write Essay Quickly

Tips How to Write Essay Quickly

In a nutshell, an essay is a written form aimed at conveying ideas and thoughts related to a particular topic. When you are a student, an essay is one of the essential tasks in your academic curriculum. If you wish to understand how to write an essay fast, you should have sufficient knowledge of the topic and advanced writing skills. All students have different writing styles and cognitive abilities. Those of them, who can apply analytical thinking and good writing skills, can craft high-quality essays. Those students, who are ready to work hard, can also write winning papers and achieve their academic goals. 

Some learners can handle essay writing assignments easily, whereas others may need help with their tasks. If you are able to focus on the subject quickly and organize the writing process in a proper way, you experience no difficulties. Yet, there are students who lack sufficient skills or time to develop papers, and they find it more efficient to buy custom essay papers from online writing companies, such as However, if you are unsure whether your writing skills are good enough to create a perfect piece, study our efficient tips first and then decide which solution is better for you. These suggestions were collected by our skilled and experienced academic writing experts. 

Ideally, you need to have a good deadline for composing your paper. It is not always possible. There are many urgent tasks that require taking decisions fast. Your professor won`t care that you need to complete a couple of other assignments within the same deadline. By leaving your essay for the last minute, you will significantly reduce your chances to get a good grade for it. We assure you that some tips you may find in our guide can help you create a top-notch work without spending much time and effort. 

How Long Does It Usually Take to Compose an Essay?

The time you will spend on essay writing may depend on the paper type, as well as additional guidelines. You will need to carry out in-depth research of the topic collecting accurate information from credible academic sources. To understand how much time you may spend on your paper preparation, you need to answer the following questions:

  • How well are you knowledgeable about the topic and what specific points do you want to discuss?
  • Is your professor strict when grading papers?
  • Do you need to create an outline?
  • How many sources can be used when writing an essay?
  • Is this assignment new for you or are you well aware of its characteristic features?
  • Are all the necessary resources available?
  • Can you share your personal opinion about the topic?
  • Do you have other assignments on your schedule?

By answering all of these questions, you will be able to understand how to organize the writing process and how much time will it take.

How to Complete an Essay Quickly: Step by Step

  1. Read the task carefully. The success of your work depends on how well you can follow your tutor`s guidelines and requirements. So, before you start working on your work, you need to read the prompt in detail and make sure you understand the task. If some issues are unclear to you, feel free to discuss them with your tutor. If the task appears a bit vague, it doesn`t mean that your professor wants to confuse you. You are lacking the appropriate experience to handle the assignment well. Clarifying the important details of your task with the tutor at the very beginning may save you from multiple revisions;
  2. Avoid distractions. If you need to write your essay and listen to your favorite artist, you can forget about getting a satisfactory outcome. Essay writing is a process that requires maximum attention and concentration. We strongly recommend that you should stay away from the most tempting distractions and avoid procrastination. If you focus on the writing process, the result of your work may exceed your expectations;
  3. Organize the writing process. Good planning is one of the most important aspects of the writing process. You should be aware how much time it will take to carry out in-depth research, create an outline, write the first draft, and edit your essay. By practicing your skills on a regular basis, you will understand how much time it will take;
  4. Work with credible academic and peer-reviewed sources. To make your work look solid, you need to include the most relevant facts and statistics to support your arguments. Our experts strongly recommend you should work with credible and authoritative academic sources to obtain the most accurate data for your paper;
  5. Follow the requested formatting. In the academic environment, there are several formatting styles that are widely used. You may be asked to organize your paper in APA, MLA, Chicago, AMA, or any other formatting style. If you are eager to get a good grade for your work, you need to complete the in-text citations, reference list, and the overall layout following a specific style;
  6. Follow the traditional structure. If you have already worked on writing academic, you are well aware that a good paper always includes an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. The introductory paragraph should engage the reader providing appropriate background information on the topic. This part includes a hook statement that sparks the interest of the reader. A thesis statement always helps the audience understand a central claim. The next part, the main body, consists of several paragraphs related to the thesis statement. Every main body paragraph should include a claim, supporting evidence explaining it, and a concluding sentence. If you need to make your ideas look sophisticated, you can support them with appropriate in-text citations. The last part of your paper is a conclusion. Unlike the previous parts, it should not provide the reader with new information. Its main purpose is to summarize the arguments presented previously;
  7. Take a small break. When you are writing an essay, it is necessary to give yourself an opportunity to relax and have some rest. Such an approach may help you look through your document with fresh eyes and improve some points whenever it is necessary;
  8. Revise your paper. As soon as you are done with the first draft of your paper, you need to revise it thoroughly. When reading your work, you should double-check if it meets the instructions, if it is authentic, and if it is free from flaws. The proper revision can help you shift the quality of your paper to the next level. So, don`t be lazy to double-check your paper in a proper way. 


All in all, writing an essay is a challenging assignment. It may frighten and confuse the student, especially if he or she doesn`t have sufficient writing skills or experience. We recommend you should not be afraid of this task as it helps you develop your writing and analytical thinking skills. Each successfully written paper helps you become a proficient writer. If you are unsure how to write your essay fast, then you should study our handy practices and suggestions. They will help you not only organize the writing process in an appropriate way but also to enjoy it.

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