8 Tips on Keeping Your Teeth Pearly White

pearly white teeth

When it comes to making first impressions, whether for a potential job, a possible romantic partner, or even a new friend, your smile is an extremely important asset. It’s one of the main features of your face, one of the first things that someone sees on you, and it can also tell a lot about you, all the way from your personality to your state of health.

And one of the things that many people associate with a nice smile, of course, is white teeth. As we all know, getting and even maintaining pearly whites is not an easy feat without a little bit of work.

See below for some of the best tips on how to get your teeth to sparkle!

1. Get Your Calcium

Not just great for your bones, calcium helps the enamel on your teeth from erosion, which, if left unattended, will eventually reveal a yellow-colored tissue called dentin. Luckily, you can get calcium from various foods, like dairy products or broccoli, and other dark, leafy greens.

2. Drink More Water

There are many reasons you should drink more water, but did you know it will also aid your teeth? It acts as a rinsing agent for your mouth and can help remove particles and stain-causing liquids before they cause problems.

3. Eat Crunchy Foods

It might sound strange, but sometimes eating food helps clean your teeth and mouth and can prevent stains from forming. Carrots, apples, cauliflower, and other foods similar to them take effort to chew, which produces saliva in your mouth. That saliva will neutralize the nasty acids that produce stains. The coarseness of these foods will also work to scrape away any sticky stuff that has been leftover on your teeth at all.

4. Stay Away from Acidic Foods

Another enamel destroyer is acidic foods, such as tomatoes, lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits. It is unnecessary to avoid these foods completely, but pairing them in a meal will help dull their effects on your teeth.

5. Brush More Frequently

You should already be brushing your teeth twice a day, but brushing between meals can also help prevent stains. The more particles and bacteria you remove from your mouth, the better it will be able to resist decay and keep your teeth nice and white.

6. Whitening at Home

While the time to see any at-home whitening results may not compare to that of your dentist, if you are unable to see them, using a custom-fitted tray for whitening at home does work. But you’ll need perseverance and patience, as depending on the brand you choose, you may have to sleep with the tray for up to six weeks for results.

7. Avoid Stain-Causing Beverages

You may think that you will never be able to live without some of these, but if you do want to have whiter teeth, you’ll need to start limiting your consumption of such things as coffee, red wine, and cola soft drinks. If you absolutely cannot give up or cut down on any of these, try to use a straw so that the liquids do not sit inside your mouth for as long or even hit your teeth at times.

8. Ditch the Cigarettes

You are already well aware of how bad cigarettes are for your health as a whole, but also be aware that the tar and nicotine in cigarettes turn your teeth yellow, or even worse, with prolonged use, brown. And forget about the rest of your mouth; cigarettes can lead to exposure to several very serious and damaging effects, from gum disease to mouth cancer.

All of the above tips will help you get and maintain white teeth in some way or another. However, don’t forget about semi-annual dental checkups with your dentist. Not only will they do cleaning and polish your teeth to remove surface stains, but you can also get teeth whitening in Brisbane. Combine this with the above tips and get ready to dazzle everyone you see with your radiant and bright smile! 

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