5 Tips to Follow When you Want to Score Well in Class 11

score well in class

Whenever we think about the score, we get scared because of the unexpected results. When it comes to the score of class 12th, the score of class 11th is important as it is the base class. Now you do not need to get scared as we have researched 5 tips for you that you need to follow for a good score in ICSE class 11. I must say that there is no alternative to hard work so this is essential to be there in the preparation.

1. Writing important terms and points

You know what writing the important terms, as well as points, are the main aspect and tip that should be considered. You must learn all the important definitions and make diagrams to score well in ICSE class 11. Here are some things that needs to be considered in main points-

2. Stick to the syllabus

Along with the important points, you should follow the syllabus and out of the syllabus some things are also important. However, there are different things that you may not like in the syllabus but if those are important and, in the syllabus, you must work on those to get a high score in ICSE class 11. Things you can consider to stick on the syllabus-

  • Set the targets of all subjects with the use of date
  • Make a proper timetable
  • Keeping a special time at time table for revision of class lectures
  • Mapping out the Arc of the course

3. Practice reference books

ICSE class 11 is not an easy task to pass with the regular books so this is recommended to all the students to work on the reference books. The reference books may give you extra important questions and learning of last year’s papers. Nonetheless, those papers may lead to the preparation of questions that came in last year’s examination.

4. Study at least 7 hours

We all know that studying for more than 3-4 hours is not easy but for getting a high score in ICSE class 11, you should study at least 7 hours a day. The study of these hours will help you in keeping stick to the guidelines of the syllabus and making the same easy. This is helpful for you if you work ahead of school and learn before it is given by your teacher. Here are some points that help you study for many hours-

  • By avoiding the distractions
  • Setting a timer for each task
  • Drinking plenty of water and energy drinks
  • Following a success mantra while studying

5. Make a study schedule

According to the study it was found that making a proper schedule for scoring well in ICSE class 11 is majorly helpful for kids. Nonetheless, following the timetable for each subject may give you a better view and confidence towards the study. Along with this, the calendar or already set timetable should be hanging on the wall of your study room to make it perfect.

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