Top 3 Quality Management Courses Available for Beginners

Quality Management Courses

Quality management is the process of creating quality policies, creating and implementing quality plans and assurance, quality control, and quality improvement. It aims at aligning the tasks and activities towards quality standards. Organizations have been adopting quality management systems because they provide better ROI, greater awareness of quality, satisfied customers, improved brand valuation, and consistent operation. In light of this trend, professionals are keen on starting a career in this domain and seeking free quality management courses to learn the necessary skills.

This article lets you know about the top 3 choices you have if you want to enroll in the best quality management training program.

Top 3 Quality Management Courses for Beginners

Listed below are the best courses in the field of quality management that can be learned for free: 

Introduction to Lean Management basics by Simplilearn

The introduction to lean management basics by Simplilearn will help you to learn all the fundamental concepts and principles of lean management. This will be ideal for professionals such as quality managers, project managers, operations managers, quality engineers, quality analysts, and quality auditors. So, it will be helpful in streamlining the processes, thereby creating the best value for the companies. When you complete this course, you will be able to identify ineffective activities, increase value for customers, take necessary steps, etc.  

Skills covered- lean management concepts, lean principles, types of waste, lean in manufacturing, lean tools, lean techniques and metrics, lean maturity matrix, the theory of constraints.

Key features- No prerequisites required, self-paced videos with a total duration of 5 hours

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Specialization

Coursera offers the six sigma yellow belt specialization. Those professionals who want to learn the basics of lean and six sigma can do so. As a result, the professional will be able to improve business processes, performance, and quality assurance.

Since this is a yellow belt specialization, this lays the foundation for further levels of belt levels (green belt and black belt).

This specialization consists of 4 courses, which will help you learn easily.

Skills covered- Project management, lean six sigma, binomial distribution, six sigma, lean methods, statistics, data analysis, causality.

Key features- flexible schedule, shareable certificate, 100% online schedule, no prior experience required, approximately five month’s duration.

Six sigma- analyze, improve and control by EdX

The six sigma- analyze, improve and control is offered by TUM (Technische Universitat Munchen) on Edx. It aims at analyzing the root cause of the problems and producing different solutions to address them. It requires a professional to have basic knowledge of statistics and management and math skills as a prerequisite. As an introductory level, it lays the foundation of further green belt and black belt certifications. 

Skills covered- correlation and regression analysis, five why’s 8D, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), etc.

Key features- self-paced online course, also offers certification, introductory level, course length of 8 weeks.

Benefits of Taking Quality Management Courses

The benefits that the organizations and professionals receive by taking quality management courses are briefly described below:

Consistent Operations 

The quality management systems ask the organizations to align their operating activities with that of the quality standards. The best practices are defined that also include quality control and management review. So, the project team and management work accordingly to ensure that quality is not compromised at any stage.

Sometimes, inconsistent operations and lack of quality used to occur a lot. This not only downgraded the quality but also resulted in disappointment. This also caused a lack of trust among the people.  

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is the process of making gradual changes or improvements in the tasks or activities at hand. So, for that, quality management ensures that regular audits and assessments are conducted. They are implementing Six Sigma goals in the business to improve the overall quality. The benefits such as more robust performance, strategic leadership, and staff management are achieved. 

Employee Communications 

Communications within the organizations are as important as other policies and operations. It gives a new perspective. Also, it proves as an effective way to solve business problems. Quality management makes communication within the organizations effective by conducting various meetings. QMS establishes two-way communication that forms an essential part of getting honest feedback.   

Enhanced Decision Making

This is one of the most important areas of Quality management systems. Evidence-based decision-making is a process of collecting real-time data, after that comparing it with standardized results. It proves to be helpful in checking the quality of the results. Also, it helps to determine whether the process is successful or requires any improvements.  

Increased Profits

As quality management systems are known to enhance product quality, it also makes the processes efficient. As a result, the costs reduce up to a great extent. This also improves sales and new market access impact income. So, these systems are designed in such a way that problems and other issues are identified and prevented throughout the product life cycle. It becomes possible with the help of special tools and techniques. 


All that being said about quality management, it is sure that it is going to provide wonderful employment opportunities to the professionals in the near future. So, if you are a management graduate or a professional with a similar background, you can definitely upgrade your skills in quality management. Learning the lean and six sigma foundations is the basic step towards starting your career. Explore one of the mentioned free courses. Pick one as per your career needs and development.

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