What is Influencer Marketing? – A Trending Marketing Strategy

influencer marketing

What is an influencer marketing?

The influencer marketing which is also known as “influence market” is a term of marketing in which the target of selling a brand is less important than the influential people involved in the marketing on different social media platforms. The focus in such type of marketing is the people who own some influence among the customers with exceptional potential.

The simplest answer to the question, “what is an influencer marketing” would be the procedure of research, identifying, keeping an engagement and assisting the masses who are well known among the large segment of the society, and have communication skills with the customers you would be looking for to attract to your brand/product.

This type of unique marketing strategy involves the unity of marketing through digital marketing, social media pages, PR, sales. The influencer marketing definition above has explained it’s a domain, which exaggerates more on the popularity of the influencer on the market with his/her exceptional communication skills made with the targeted customers.

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This concept of marketing is not an innovation but it has gained its importance because of expanding of networking and globalization. The drastic communications of the customers have evolved significantly in recent times. The influencers are gaining the space as they are concealing other strategies of marketing competing in today’s world of modernization. These influencers are engaging the customers in relevant dialogues, which results in gaining the trust of the brands and services ultimately only with the help of influencer marketing.

There is no doubt that the ways of doing business are drastically being changed by the rapid digital landscape. These rapid changes influence the customers to gain and access to the information. Hence, the decision making of the customers is also pointed, which can be risky to the giants of the markets.

According to recent studies, customers are influenced by the information they get on social media platforms. Whereas the old and traditional ways of advertisement methods importance even in the modern era. The traditional marketing is actually influencer marketing which believes in making a bond between the customer and the buyer. A good relationship between these two can be possible only with a third party involvement which is “influencer marketing”. Through these marketing methods, one can yield a greater benefit as compared to any other marketing strategy/concept.

The guidance of Influencer to an Audience;

In modern times where people all around the globe are connected and the information can reach like that of the sea-waves. Here the influencers are acting as the sea-wave makers. They have the trust of the audience who listens to them in a loveable way, they would leave or buy a brand by the recommendation of the influencer provided the relevant benefits and information of the brand or services to its utmost level.

Now the important question arises here is that how is the influencer marketing different or valuable from that of public relations? The answer here is simple yet legitimate. The services provided by the influencer are not through professional yet they are built on the words of honesty, trust, loyalty, love from their audiences, genuine relationships with the customers, the brand and that of the influencer. These qualities of an influencer are what make the other tactics of marketing less important as compared to influencer marketing. The reason is when any brand or service comes with an influencer; he has to make it for a long-term advocate for the audiences and its customers.

Following steps need to be taken for an Influencer Marketing strategy;

The following of these steps would have an effective result in your marketing strategy. If you are looking for a genuine marketing strategy, you need to follow these 5 steps, where the most important is knowing who an influencer is;

  1. Know your audience;

One must have full information and detail notes of the targeted audiences or the customers. The understanding of the mindsets of the customers is equally crucial. It can help you know how they discover, explain and ultimately buy your service or product.

  1. Knowing the right influencer;

Having knowledge about the right influencer who can make your brand value is very important.

  1. Keep the influencer and yourself engaged;

For any business or market to be competitive in society needs to have strategies of long-term and involvement of each of its involved masses.

  1. Check out the results;

The last step of influencer marketing is over-viewing the results of the whole strategy. If the tactic is working for you, keep it other-wise revise it with some new changes.


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