When To Seek A Periodontist?


Periodontitis is a serious gum infection that can destroy the jaw bone and increase the patient’s risk of fatal diseases like heart diseases and cancer. However, it can be easily prevented if people regularly care for their gums. Maintaining good oral hygiene is an easy way to avoid it from occurring.

Usually, when people suffer from a gum-related issue, the first reaction is to visit a dentist. Although a dentist is a qualified expert and can treat such cases, a specialist in periodontics is the best to alleviate your gum problems because they specialize in treating gum-related diseases.

Reasons To Seek A Periodontist

Gum diseases can be caused by factors like a bacterial infection or secondary infection in people suffering from other chronic conditions or those with low immunity levels. Below are some reasons to consult a periodontist.


Gingivitis is the first stage of any gum disease. The most common signs of gingivitis include swollen and sore gums. At this stage of infection, gums tend to bleed compared to healthy gums. However, gingivitis, if treated soon, is completely reversible. The treatment is also simple and less invasive. It involves regular oral hygiene like brushing one’s teeth at least two times a day, using a string or water-based floss to get rid of bacterial plaque, etc.

If you suffer from gingivitis, a periodontist will use nonsurgical treatments like removal of tartar and plaques and, if needed, scaling and root planing.


Periodontitis is an infection that occurs when the signs of gingivitis are ignored for a long. The most common symptom is receding gums which might expose the root of the tooth and can even cause pus formation in the gums. A skilled professional usually remove the pus and uses medicines to prevent the infection from reaching the jaw bone.

If not treated, the infection can rapidly spread to the jaw bone. When this happens, the periodontist has to use surgical methods to eliminate the infection in the bone. One may also choose bone grafting or prescribe medicines for the regeneration of bone.

Systemic Periodontitis

Systemic periodontitis occurs in people who suffer from other chronic diseases like heart conditions, obesity, or diabetes. Treatments for people suffering from systemic periodontitis include periodic tartar removal, deep cleaning of teeth, regular plaque removal, etc.

However, it is essential to keep the underlying factors under control to check the spread of the infection. For instance, if people with diabetes are to be kept safe from the consequences of systemic periodontitis, their blood glucose levels must be strictly controlled. Consequently, a periodontist prescribes a routine for regular tests and diets.

Necrotizing Periodontal Infection

Necrosis is the death of a tissue due to lack of nutrition, improper oxygen supply, exposure to harmful radiation, or any physical trauma to the cells. If necrosis sets in, the soft tissue and the jaw bone can be affected. The main symptoms include intense pain. In extreme cases, multiple sites of necrotic tissue in the mouth might lead to the loss of the jaw bone.

One should visit a periodontist at the initial stage for a better chance of healing. Your periodontist will surgically remove all the dead and damaged tissue and prescribes antibiotics and tissue-promoting tonics.


A specialist in periodontics can help you get rid of your gum issues and prevent the development of severe systemic inflammation and other associated complications.

Periodontics use a repertoire of treatments, including regular scaling and deep cleaning procedures. They prescribe antibiotic ointments and oral antibiotics pills to curb the spread of infection. Sometimes they also use dental crowns and implants to compensate for a lost tooth. In extreme cases, they can go for laser-based tooth surgery to reduce the size of periodontal pockets.

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